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Creations by Valerie Lacaze for Rudra

Since 1997, the free-lance choreographer Valerie Lacaze has been regularly invited to create choreographies for the Rudra Bejart School shows.

In 2012 and 2019 she created and directed four major events for the school:

  • Our 20th Anniversary event in 2012
  • An exceptional show for the Nimes Arenas and one for the Tanqiao Theater in Beijing in 2013
  • A world creation for all the students and 4 teachers of the school in 2019.

“Meeting these two artists, Valerie Lacaze and Anne Vadagnin, has been an eye opener for me, both from a human and an artistic point of view.
They reinforced my focus on the importance of working together in a spirit of respect and openness. Today, this helps me in positioning the l’Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart, Lausanne.
Their combined creative energies enable them to bring out powerful productions. he soundness of their ideas and the topics they choose always bring us closer to humanity and encourage us to reflect upon the struggles of the world.
Valerie’s choreographic language is always sincere and original. Anne’s energy and her musical sensitivity never fail to move.

Valerie and Anne have the strength of character to carry out their work independently, and the courage and self-confidence not to be influenced by the hedonism of our times. They are extremely professional and productive.

Through their partnership they fire each other’s imaginations; they are galvanised and at the same time stabilised.
Anne Vadagnin is a great musician and virtuoso. Her improvisations have allowed her to extend her musical sensitivity to dance. Her work is a fine example of how to unite music and dance.
Valérie Lacaze has developed an amazing approach to photography. Her focus is accurate and precise, her light is always subtle and she captures the look in people’s eyes with intelligence. She’s always on a journey of discovery". Michel GASCARD



" My french Valentino" | season 2018/2019sai


Original idea - Stage direction & Choreography : Valerie Lacaze
Creation for 42 dancers, actors and singers - 1h45
Premiere at the "Barnabe Theater" - Servion - Switzerland - May 17 & 18th - 2019
Opening performance at the Spoleto Festival Dei due mondi in Italy ( June 28th & 29th ).

4 performances in Bangkok at the end of July for the coronation's festivities of the new Thailand's King Rama X !

Original music for "Nijinski", "Les paparazzis", "Le devoilement" & "Final" : Anne Vadagnin
Other musics: Mili Balakirev - Maurice Ravel - Musique populaire russe - Maurice Andre & Michel Legrand - Astor Piazzolla - Ravi Shankar - Charles Chaplin - The bix Beiderbecke Story - Sigmund Romberg - Nino Rota.
Songs : Claude Nougaro - Christophe Willem - Ray Ventura et ses collegiens - Tino Rossi - The Golden Gate Quartet - Jacques Prevert et Jeanne Moreau - Lucienne Delyle.

Costume's creation: Valerie Lacaze - Caroline Zanetti
A production of Valerie Lacaze

World Copyright :






" Qualia or the artist's life " | season 2012/2013

32'000 people came from 12th to 15th August, 2013 in the Arena of Nimes, France !
4'000 people in Beijing - China from November 25th to 26th.


Choreographed and directed by Valerie Lacaze
Original music by Anne Vadagnin
Other music: George Frideric Handel, Charles Aznavour, Hans-Werner Henze, Leo Ferre, Jacques Offenbach, Pink Floyd
Textes : Raymond Devos
Accessories and costumes : Valerie Lacaze - Caroline Zanetti
Production : TaoFemina and Rudra Bejart

Other extracts on Youtube :

"La boheme, le poete et sa muse"
"The poet and the death"

More pictures and details on :


"Camille Claudel, the Bride of Oblivion" | season 2011/2012

Choreographed and directed by Valerie Lacaze
Original music by Anne Vadagnin
Other musics : Verdi - Doniat - Orgue de rue Gavioli - Polin - Gillet - Nikolayeva - L. - Debussy
With the exceptional participation of Michel Gascard in the role of Rodin
Costumes : Valerie Lacaze and the Barnabe Theater in Servion
Production : TaoFemina

Performances :

April 2012, press presentation at the Theatre de Vidy Lausanne
Preview performance in Pavia and Reggio di Calabria, Italy
30th May: World premiere in National Theatre, Brussels, commissioned by the Swiss Mission to the European Union
14th July: Como Festival, Italy
27th July: Theatre Barnabe, Servion, Switzerland
28th July: Private performance at Theatre Barnabe, Servion, to celebrate the Rudra Bejart 20th anniversary

Other extracts on Youtube :

Extract of the final scene
The Camille Claudel's studio
Camille et Rodin Pas de deux

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Some other choreographies by Valerie Lacaze for Rudra :


" Ton dernier voyage " | season|2015/2016

Original music : Adaptation of Barbara's song "Dis quand reviendras-tu ?"
April 9th 2015 : Octogone Pully-Lausanne Theater
May 30th 2015 : Gala Grand Theatre de Quebec - Canada.
Produced by TaoFemina



" Guigui " | season 2016/2017

Music by Michel Jonasz
Premiere for the National Day of Dance 2017 on May 5th - ABRI Theater -Geneva
At the "International Jeunes Ballets Festival" on May 11th - BFM Theater - Geneva
Produced by TaoFemina