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Performances / List of the performances since 1992

In addition to the regular training delivered by world-renowned teachers, students are given the opportunity to develop their skills in dance creation and, importantly, in performance.  This practical experience is a key element in the training of young dancers.  Our students have performed in public in Switzerland and other European countries, in Latin America, Russia, Japan, India and China.
Maurice Béjart’s idea was to train dancers who could not only come up to choreographers’ expectations, but who could also succeed as creators and producers in their own right.  Many of the School’s former students have formed, and now run, their own innovative companies.
With regard to the shows, all student costs such as transport, accommodation, subsistence, costumes etc., are covered by the organisers.


Purchasing a Rudra Bejart School show

The cost of a show will vary depending on travel costs, the means of transport, and the suitability of the technical equipment at the venue.
Our shows are tailor-made to suit your requirements as well as the layout of the site.
Since 1992, we have performed not only in conventional theatres but also in open air venues, in public spaces, castles, private residences, hotels, historic sites, industrial sites, a Roman arena and circus tents.
All performance fees are automatically transferred to the School teaching budget.
The proceeds of our shows contribute to the organisation of masterclasses in the different disciplines taught at the School and to sustaining the School’s unique teaching methods.
A quote can be requested from Mr. Michel Gascard at :







Since the creation of the school


1993 - 1994 - 1995


"Autour de Faust"
13 June, Lausanne, Switzerland
26 June–2 July, Weimar, Germany
7 July, Martigny, Switzerland
9–10 July, Sens, France



"Mouvements, Rythmes, Rêves" (Movements, Rhythms, Dreams)
20 April, Zurich, Switzerland
21 April, Zug, Switzerland
23  April, Zurich, Switzerland
25 April, Monthey, Switzerland
27 April, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
30 April, Zofingen, Switzerland
6 May, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
7 May, Schaan, Switzerland
10 May, Winterthur, Switzerland
19 May, Bienne, Switzerland
27 May, Gland, Switzerland
31 May–5 June, Paris, France
12 June, Lausanne, Switzerland
22–26 June, Schwerin, Germany
9 July, Sens, France
14 July, Turin Festival, Vignole, Italy
15 July, Castiglioncello, Italy
17–18 July, Bolzano, Italy



Pourquoi pas Prévert (Why not Prévert ?)
10–11 April, Luxembourg
15 April, Montreux, Switzerland
19 April, Geneva, Switzerland
7 May, Geneva, Switzerland
6–7 June, Agora Theatre, Evry, France
13 June, Lausanne, Switzerland
5–6 July, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
8–9 July, Portorose, Slovenia

1996 - 1997


30 March, Trento, Italy
19–20 April, Geneva, Switzerland
30 April, Geneva, Switzerland (special production)
22–25 May, Waterloo, Belgium
7–8 June, Chenit, Switzerland
21 June, Paris, France
22 June, Lausanne, Switzerland
25 June, Lausanne, Switzerland
9 July, Comacchio, Italy
11 July, Bassano Del Grappa, Italy
16 July, Civitanova, Italy
19–20 July, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
3 October, Geneva, Switzerland  (first production)




7 March, Lugano, Switzerland
9 April, Rimini, Italy
12 April, Brai, Italy
14–15 April, Lecce, Italy
25 April, Niort, France
3 May, Lausanne, Switzerland
29–30 May, Luxembourg
1 June, Gland, Switzerland
17 June, Lausanne, Switzerland

Suite grecque (Greek Suite)
27 September, Turin Festival, Italy
7 December, Métropole Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland

1998 - 1999


La Danse, le Chant, Le Rythme, Le Cirque, Boléro
26–28 June, Spoleto Festival, Spoleto, Italy
6 July, Rome, Italy
10 July, Como, Italy (tribute to Gianni Versace)
13 July, Salerno, Italy
15 July, Florence, Italy
17 July, Bologna, Italy
19 July, Cremona, Italy

La Danse, le Chant, le Théatre, le Rythme, le Cirque
5 July, Carpi, Italy
9 July, Brescia, Italy
16 July, Bassano, Italy
18 July, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
20 July, Parma, Italy
11 October, Turin, Italy
24 November, Prilly, Switzerland
20 December, Métropole Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland



L'Italienne à Alger (The Italian Girl in Algiers)
Pas de Quatre
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune
Dionysos (Dionysius)
22 February, Centre Culturel Maurice Béjart, Verneuil sur Seine, France
12–13 April, the Kremlin, Moscow, CIS
6 June, Sion, Switzerland
Un Bacio per Nino
18 June, Asti, Italy
19 June, Asti, Italy
22 June, Civitavecchia, Italy
26 June, Capri, Italy
4 July, Campione d'Italia
13 July, Milano, Italy
18 July, Grande Motte, France
20 July, Millau, France
22 July, Bologna, Italy
24 July, Florence, Italy
25 July Castiglioncello, Italy
27 July, Lamezia, Italy
1 December, Düdingen, Switzerland (World AIDS Day)

2000 - 2001


15 January, Annemasse, France (with Lyon National Conservatory, and Grenoble Ballet du Nord National Ballet School)
22, 24–25 June, Versailles, France (Water’s Lights with Béjart Ballet Lausanne)
9 October, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
5 December, ARENA, Geneva, Switzerland
17 December, Métropole Theatre,  Lausanne, Switzerland



16 March, Espace Maurice Béjart, Verneuil sur Seine, France
28 April, Théâtre de l'Octogone, Pully, Switzerland (for the AVITA Foundation, with Gil Roman)
19–20 May, Malley, Lausanne (with Béjart Ballet Lausanne)
7 June, Avignon, France (T.G.V. Méditerrané)
26 June, Grand Casino, Geneva, Switzerland
15 July, Carlo Felice Theatre, Genoa, Italy
21–22 December, Métropole Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland
23 December Le même et un autre

2002 - 2003


22 March, Paris, UNESCO
20 May, Yverdon, Suisse
23–28 May, Métropole Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland
20 June, Municipal Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland
21 June, Municipal Theatre, Lausanne, Suisse
29 June, Vichy, France
2 July, Sète, France
3 July, Sète, France
5 July, Solliès-Pont, France
6 July, Solliès-Pont, France
8 July, Opera de Marseille, France
10 July, Cannes, France
12 July, La Grande Motte, France
13 July, Aix en Provence, France
17 July, Carpentras, France
20 July, Cremona, Italy
22 July, Padua, Italy
23 July, Padua, Italy
25 July, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
28 July, Spoleto, Italy



4 March, Geneva, Switzerland (Renault Motor Show)
29 March, Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School) 150th Anniversary)                                                                                                
13–15 June, Barnabé Theatre, Servion, Switzerland (Maurice Béjart first production)
21 June, Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland                                                         
25 June, Saint Sulpice, Switzerland

2004 - 2005 - 2006


Sacre/Oiseau de feu/Boléro (Rite of Spring/Firebird/Bolero)
12–15 May, Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland (with Béjart Ballet Lausanne)         
16 May, Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland (Maurice Béjart’s Gala, first production with Béjart Ballet Lausanne)
4 June, St. Sulpice, Switzerland (public rehearsal)
9 June, Forum Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland
21 June, B.F.M, Geneva, Switzerland
24 June, Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland (Olympic Flame)
30 June–1–4 July, Berlin, Germany
8 July, Cremona, Italy
13–14 July, Luxembourg



April, Henniez, Switzerland
June, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prologue/ Voilà l’homme (Behold the Man)/Tchekhov (Chekhov)
30 June–1 July, Wiltz, Luxembourg                                                                                 
9–11 July, Innsbruck, Austria                                                                       
13–16 July, Graz, Austria 21 July, Solliès-Pont, France,
22 July, Nyon, Switzerland (Paléo Festival, Rythmes et Percussions)


30 April, Chur, Suisse
Prologue/Behold the Man                                                                               
7 June, Bologna, Italy
12 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (for Credit Suisse 150th Anniversary)
Prologue/Behold the Man                                                                               
23 June, Chambéry, France
7 July, Beaulieu Theatre, Lausanne (private performance)
Prologue/Behold the Man                                                                                
11 July, La grande Motte, France                                                                 
Tchekhov-Carnets (Chekhov-Notes)                                                                                 
18 July, Carpentras, France

2007 - 2008 - 2009


March, Suresnes, France                                                                              
Rite of Spring/Zarathustra

March–April, Lausanne, Switzerland (Béjart Ballet Lausanne)                       
Sept danses grecques
(Seven Greek Dances)(choreography Maurice Béjart)                                                                                                          
12 July, Imola, Italy  
14 July, Ravello Festival, Italy                                                                       
Tchekhov au bois dormant (Sleeping Chekhov)
21–22 July, Dance Festival, Okinawa, Japan                                                  
11 November (1,2,3, Soleil charity show))                                             
Sleeping Chekhov                                                                                                      
12–13 December, Massy, France
22 December, Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland



June (2 performances for Jan & Oscar charity association)
July (20-day Slovenia tour)
18 September (Inauguration of ‘Maurice Béjart’ Lausanne Metro station)
4 October, Lausanne, Switzerland (Masters Day EPFL)
October, Métropole Theatre, Lausanne, Switzerland (for La Loterie Romande )
22 November, Swiss Embassy, New Delhi, India 

3–4 December, Ludwigshafen Festival, Germany



1 February, Lausanne (International Prix de Lausanne competition closing ceremony)                                                                                                     
6 March, Kursaal, Ostend, Belgium
7 March, Royal Circus, Brussels, Belgium
8 March, Elisabeth Zaal, Antwerp, Belgium
9 March, Forum, Liège, Belgium
10 March, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium
20 March, Co2, Bulle, Switzerland
23 June, Puteaux, Switzerland
28 June, Nîmes, France

2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 -2014



25 April, Lausanne - International day of the Dance
18-23 May, Milano - Italy - Teatro Alla Scala - "Le concours" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie
12 June, Sierre - Switzerland - Hommage à Monsieur Philippe Braunsweig, fondateur du Prix de Lausanne et initiateur de la venue de Maurice Béjart en Suisse
17 June, Lausanne - Theater Beaulieu - "Music and Dance" with the "Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne" and the "Music Conservatory of Singapur. In live with the musicians.
3 July 2010, Prilly - Switzerland - Creation
17 september 2010, Lausanne, Palais de Beaulieu
20 october 2010, Montreux, Switzerland, "XIII sommet de la Francophonie"
5 décember 2010 : Milano, Italie : Final performance of thefestival "Midanza".



23 February 2011 : Lausanne - Théâtre de Beaulieu
5 March 2011 : Lausanne - Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
12-13 April 2011 : Palais des Arts - Vannes - France
11 Mai 2011 : International medical meeting - Théâtre de Beaulieu - Lausanne
15 Mai 2011 : Swiss National day of Dance
21 Mai 2011 : Boléro with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie- Aoste, Italy
10 au 18 juin : "Le sacre du printemps" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne cie- Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne
28 June 2011 : Rudra dance for the" Rive-Neuve" Fondation - Théâtre de l'Octogone - Pully
10 July : Spectacle for the international competition "Gymnaestrada" - Lausanne
17 July : "The rite of spring" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne cie - Verbier, Switzerland
22 July : Château de Chillon - Switzerland
21 September 2011 : Meeting for the national private bank offices - Théâtre " Forces Motrices "Geneva
November 2011 : Opening of the international conference of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent - Geneva - C.I.C.G.
18 December 2011 : Theatre of Beaulieu - Lausanne



31 January 2012 : Last ceremony of the Olympic Museem of Lausanne - A special performance with the famous vocal group "Voxset"
5 April 2012 : Presentation of the new programm to the swiss press- Theater of Vidy Lausanne
18-22 April 2012 : Pavia & Reggio di Calabria - Italy - Birthday's programm 2012
13 May 2012 : Theatre of Beaulieu Lausanne
30 May 2012 : Private performance for the Swiss gouvernment for the Europeen Union, National Théâtre Bruxelles - Belgium
29 June 2012 : GenevaTheater " Hippomène ", Private Gala for the "'Union des Banques Privées".
12 July 2012 : Festival of the Lausanne's City
8 July 2012 : 25' birthday of the Bejart Ballet Foundation - Beaulieu Theater - Lausanne
14 July 2012 : Como - Italy - Festival Como Città della Musica, Parco Villa Ormo
27 July 2012 : 20' birthday of our school - Exceptional performance - Theatre Barnabé - Servion - Switzerland
28 July 2012 : 20' birthday of our school - Private performance for our sponsors and ex-students.

Several participations to the "Rite of spring" and the "Bolero" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie.

22 September : Open Ceremony of the "World 1KM DIMIN". Esplanade des Cantons, Pyramides de Vidy-Lausanne.




12-13-14-15 August 2013 : "Qualia or the artist's life" choreography by Valérie Lacaze & " Batucada " choreography by Maurice Béjart - Arena Nîmes-France - Free entrance

29 June : Private performance- Theatre CO2 Bulle - Switzerland.

26 June : Private performance - Theatre Beaulieu Lausanne - Switzerland.

3 & 5 May2013 : "Malambo" & " Le sacre " choreography by Cisco Aznar - Production : Lausanne's Opera House


" Le sacre du printemps" choreography by Maurice Béjart with the Béjart Ballet Lausann's Cie:

Lausanne - Moscow - Carcassonne - Paris ...

29 June : private performance- Theatre CO2 Bulle - Switzerland.

26 June : private performance - Theatre Beaulieu Lausanne - Switzerland.

12-13-14-15 August 2013 : "Qualia or the artist's life " choreography Valérie Lacaze - " Batucada " choreography Maurice Béjart - Arènes de Nîmes-France - free entrance - 32'000 people !

25-26 November 2013 : Tianqiao Theater Beijing - China
First part " Studies "choreographies Maurice Béjart, Michel Gascard and Tancredo Tavares
Second part "Qualia or the artist's life " choreography Valérie Lacaze

December 2013 : Theater of Beaulieu Lausanne : participation of 18 students to the "Rite of spring" choreography Maurice Béjart with the Béjart Ballet Cie.



7 March 2014 : Creation for the UNAIDS & InterContinental GE International Women's Day.

May 1st 2014 : Festival "Vision du réel" Nyon - Switzerland


July 4th & 5th : « Rudra; Les Troubadours », in the "Château de Chillon"


October 7th : 30' birthday of the train "TGV Lyria" at the CFF Station in Lausanne.
A 35 minutes original creation with the famous swiss singer Bastian Baker.


"The rite of spring" Maurice Béjart with the Bejart Ballet Cie in Berlin - Germany


November 2014 : Dance's parts of the Opera " La veuve joyeuse " Franz Lehar at the Lausanne's Opera.




2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019




January : Private gala for the famous swiss jeweller PIAGET.

May 17th and 18th : World creation of "My french Valentino". Booking on :

June 28th & 29th : Festival "Dei due mondi" in Spoleto - Italy.
Reservation on the festival's website :

July 27th & 28th : 4 performances for the coronation's festivities of the new Thailand's King - Bangkok - Thailand





March 3rd : Performance for the International Dance Competition de La Cote - Beausobre Theater in Morges - Switzerland

April 7th : Open classes. Bejart Ballet Lausanne Foundation's studios. Chemin du Presbytere number 12 in Lausanne-Switzerland.

April 19th : Podium Theater in Dudingen - Switzerland

April 25th : The Swiss Dance Celebrations: "Fete de la Danse "at the Forum Rolex. EPFL. Lausanne

June 21st : United Nations Organization. Geneva. Private performance.

June 30th & July 1st : Beaulieu Theater. Lausanne. Booking open from May 4th on

September 22d : Private gala in Beijing - China - 6'000 VIP

November 8th : BFM Geneva : private gala

November 12th : Convention Center EPFLausanne : private gala






"Music in mouvment"

June 27th: Theatre du Jorat - Switzerland


"Rudra ou l’Amour danseur"

May 5th: Performance for the "FĂȘte de la Danse", at "L’Abri", Geneva.

May 7th: Performance for the "FĂȘte de la Danse", Octogone Theater, Pully.

May 11th: Performance for the "Gala des Jeunes Ballets", BĂątiment des Forces Motrices Theater, Geneva.


June 27: "MUSIQUE EN MOUVEMENT" at the "Theatre du Jorat" - Switzerland.
"A collaboration between the OCL orchestra, the Rudra-Béjart School and the François Jeanneau Jazz Quartet".





October 5th : "Soiree de l'espoir" at the SwissTech Convention Center EPFLausanne

A performance offered by the students and the teachers for the International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia.

" L'Ecole-Atelier Rudra BĂ©jart " est fiere de s'associer Ă  la Fondation IRP et tient Ă  encourager dans leur lutte quotidienne les chercheurs, medecins et soigneurs, qui chaque jour, travaillent Ă  la recherche des soins salvateurs. La jeunesse des cinq continents et les pedagogues qui composent l'Ecole-Atelier Rudra BĂ©jart offrent avec amour danse et musique aux participants de cette soiree exceptionnelle de l'Espoir. La danse et la musique qui respirent aujourd'hui sur scene representent l'unite lumineuse du "corps-esprit" qui tous nous recherchons pour transcender le quotidien et garder espoir en notre evolution holistique." Michel Gascard



To finish the performance's season, our school will perform the famous « Bolero » by Maurice Bejart at the Beaulieu-Lausanne Theater with the Bejart Ballet Lausanne's Cie.


"Les oiseaux" : May 12th for the national programm of "Fete de la danse 2016", at EPFLausanne.


"Les oiseaux" : April 24th in Saviese-Switzerland, at the theatre "Le Baladin"


April 19th : SwissTech Center d’EPFL - Opening ceremony of the SportAccord Convention World Sport & Business Summit.


April 1st & 3rd : "Les oiseaux" - Barnabe Theater in Servion - Switzerland


March 7th : "Women's Day 2016" - GenĂšve - Invited by UNAIDS (private performance)


January : "La gaite parisienne" Choreography by Maurice BĂ©jart.
The students dance some parts of the ballet with the professionnal dancers of the Cie Bejart Ballet Lausanne at the Lausanne's Opera.



November 21st : 100' anniversary of the Olympic mouvment in Lausanne. Place of "La Riponne" Lausanne-Switzerland.


November 11th : 65' Anniversary of the free economic exchange between China and Swizertland. Theater Beaulieu Lausanne - Switzerland. Performance made with guest appearance by the National Ballet of China's orchestra and the pianist Melodie Zhao.
Reserve your seats on


November 2d :
Supporting gala for the war syrian's victims at the Vidy Lausanne's Theater. Special performance with the musician Redouane HARIBE and the Doctor Nabil ANTAKI's evidence from Alep.
Reservation :
Thank you very much for your generosity.


October 31st 2015 : Gala of the International Competition Petipa in Bruxelles-Belgium.
Reservation on the theater's website WHALLL (Bruxelles Woluwe Saint Pierre)


October 26th : PRIVATE performance at the Auditorium Stravinsky in Montreux-Switzerland.


17 au 21 juin 2015 : IXeme Symphonie, Maurice Béjart avec le Bejart Ballet Lausanne à Patinoire de Malley Lausanne - Suisse


From June 17th to 21st 2015 : IXeme Symphony, Maurice Béjart with the Bejart Ballet Lausanne at the "Patinoire de Malley Lausanne" - Switzerland


Mai 9th 2015 : Octogone Theater of Pully - - Switzerland


March 5th 2015 : Women's Day for UNAIDS, Geneva- Switzerland


February 28th 2015 : « Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Switzerland » at the " Rolex Center de l'EPFLausanne".