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The permanent teaching team
at the Rudra Béjart School




Director of the School. He teaches the Maurice Béjart repertoire and Classical Dance.

According to Maurice Béjart’s wishes, Michel Gascard teaches his repertoire in the form of dance studies.

Nationality : Swiss-French
He was trained by his mother, Colette Milner, at the La Rochelle Conservatory in France. In 1973 at the age of 16, he won first prize at the ‘Prix de Lausanne’ international competition.  He then went to the Mudra School in Brussels, directed by Maurice Béjart, where he studied for one year before joining the ‘Ballet du XXième siècle’ (Ballet of the 20th Century) company. He danced his first solo roles when he was 17 years old :
Sept danses grecques, Dionysos, Light, Mozart tango, Ring um den Ring, Talassa Mare Nostrum, Le Molière imaginaire, Souvenirs de Leningrad, … .
He has performed several roles of the Bejart's Repertoire :
 L’oiseau de feu, Petrouchka, Bhakti, Le marteau sans maître, … .

They worked together closely for 35 years
and, in accordance with the provisions of Maurice Béjart’s will, Michel Gascard has been appointed director of the Rudra Béjart School in 2007.
Michel Gascard teaches the ballet classes and the Maurice Béjart's repertoire in the form of dance studies.

Michel Gascard is a member of the private Foundation "Maurice Béjart".
Every year, Michel Gascard teaches the Maurice Béjart's choreographies on the most famous stages in the world : Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Paris Opera, Scala of Milano, National Ballet of China, Tokyo Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, The Monte-Carlo Ballet... .

-> Michel Gascard


Vladimir LIAKINE

Ballet classes and Pas-de-deux

Nationality : Russian

He learned dance at the Bolshoi Dance Academy in Moscow.
As a Bolshoi's professionnal dancer he performed on the most famous stages in the world.
As a ballet master, he worked in several dance companies.
His Major was in pedagogy at the " Haute Ecole de Danse de Manheim" in Germany and he worked at the Hamburg Ballettschule, directed by John Neumeier.

Vladimir Liakine is the last teacher who arrived in our school in 2014. He gives classical dance lessons every day. He also gives pointe, boys’ training and pas de deux classes. 

Guest teachers are also invited throughout the year.  

All the classes are accompanied by a pianist.

  Tancredo TAVARES

Modern dance, Martha Graham technique

Born in the Dominican Republic, Tancredo Tavarez is a specialized teacher and dancer in the Martha Graham Technique. During the summer of 1990, Tancredo is invited to join the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York. His repertoire in the Graham Company included major masterpieces such as Acts of Light, Diversion of Angels, Maple Leaf Rag, The Rite of Spring, Secular Games, Clytemnestra, Temptations of the Moon, Plain of Prayer, Night Chant, Circe, Dark Meadow, and others. During his eight years of living in New York, Tancredo was also a faculty member of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Lehman College (City University of New York), The Actors Studio (Movement on the stage for actors in association with the Alvin Ailey school) and the Professional Performing Arts school (Junior Division Program in association with the Alvin Ailey school).
During the summer 1997, Tancredo moves to France, where he taught the Martha Graham Technique at the 
Conservatoire à rayonnement régional du Grand Avignon until 2003. Tancredo obtained the French nationality in 1999 and the same year became a beneficiary of the Certificat d'aptitude option danse contemporaine (Ministère de la Culture Française).

In September 2004 Tancredo was invited by Maurice Béjart and Michel Gascard to join the teaching faculty of the école-atelier Rudra Béjart, a position he holds with pride to this day.

The class is accompanied by a variety of alternating instruments ( piano, percussions, guitar, …).


Musical training
Vocal placement and chorus singing

Nationality: Russian, Swiss
She teaches voice placement and chorus singing every day.
Professor specialized in music and musical theater

Education in Russia
1964 Achievement of Musical School for gifted children. Leningrad. USSR.
1968 Diploma of musician (piano, singing, musicology). College of M. Moussorgsky. Leningrad
1974 High degree diploma (composition, musicology). State Conservatory of N.Rimsky-Korsakov.Leningrad
1972-1975 Education in theater, inclusive scenic movement. State Institute of Theater. Leningrad.
1997 Certificate for scenic movement. High College of Theater. Moscou
2008 High degree diploma (choir master, singing teacher). State Institut of Culture and Arts. St. Petersbourg. Russia

Professional activity before engagement at Rudra-Béjart School
1967-92 Teaching in the field of musical theater: singing, vocal ensemble-choir, class of theater for opera singers. Creation of musical/theatral subjects for actors and opera singers. Participation in events as a singer and pianist. Moscou, St.Petersbourg, Belgique.

Activity at Rudra-Béjart School
Teaching vocal, choir, musical education. Conducter of choir.
- Musical arrangements and creations, inclusive preparation of singing/choirs for spectacles of Company M and BBL Company.
Participation as a pianist and actor in spectacles of Rudra-Béjart School, Compagnie M and BBL Company.
Creation of special programs for the students of Rudra-Béjàrt School aiming to develop voice and hearing faculty.


KwiHyun BIN

Musical training
Vocal placement and chorus singing

Lyric soprano.
Nationality: South Korea
After completing singing studies in Korea (2005, Seoul National University), she came to Switzerland to keep on studying. She graduated at Conservatoire de Genève (2008, Concert diploma) and Conservatoire de Lausanne (2011, Master of Pedagogy in Singing). 
She played several successful opera roles: "Tosca" (2003, Seoul), "The Marriage of Figaro" (2003, Seoul) and "Dido and Aeneas" (2012, Budapest),etc. And for many years she has given many concerts in Europe, Asia and the United States. She conducts two choirs in Switzerland.
She teaches singing at Rudra-Béjart School since 2016.





Rythm & percussion

Thierry Hochstaetter, musician and composer, teaches rhythm and percussion every day.
Born in 1962, Geneva, Switzerland.
Instruments on stage : Drums and percussion.
Studies and diplomas : Conservatoire de Genève, Swiss Jazz School Bern, Musician Institute Los Angeles.
Playing live and recording for many bands.
Permanent percussionist of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne (BBL).
Composer in the Drama and Dance fields, for choreographers and directors such as Maurice Béjart, Roland Petit, Dominique Catton and Gil Roman.
Co-founder and artistic director of Citypercussion.
Artistic director of PerkImBa Cia. Co-founder of ASAP2 new concept.
Teacher of "Dancing-Percussion" in Maurice B√©jart‚Äės Rudra School.
Consultant teacher at the Theater Institut in Barcelona .
Private lessons in different institution. Drums Clinics for Zidjian Cymbale Cie.

He composed these last years for Gil Roman, ASAP2, PerkImBa, Alpes Patrice Moullet, Maurice Béjart, Interscènes, Rudra Béjart, Ipso Facto, ... .
Other Collaborations : Moncef Genoud / Quai des Brumes / Jean-Pierre Huser / Zero Heroes / Alpes / Patrice Moullet / Robyn Kenyatta / Youssou N‚ÄôDour ‚ÄúAccoustic Project‚ÄĚ / Zizi Jeanmaire


Jean-Bruno MEIER

Rythm & percussion

Jean-Bruno Meier, musician and composer, teaches rhythm and percussion every day.

jB Meier was born in 1960 in Grenoble, France. Having completed classical percussion studies at the Academy of Geneva, he pursues his work in the US with Joe Porcaro (US), Alex Acu√Īa (Peru) and Luis Conte (Cuba) to develop his experience on the drums and explore the world of Latin percussion.
During frequent trips to South America and Cuba in particular, jB joins local musicians and perfects his skills with such percussionists as Jose-Luis "Changuito" Quintana, Mario "Aspirina" Jauregui, Calixto Oviedo and Andre Chacon.
In parallel with his fascination for acoustic music, he pursues an interest in musical treatment by computer, collaborating as musician-programmer with the¬†”Centre d'Exploration Musicale“¬†(Geneva). His knowledge and eclecticism widen further through his many performances with symphony orchestras, as well as with contemporary sets (Latin, jazz, rock'n'roll, etc...).

Currently working with¬†”l'√Čcole Atelier Rudra B√©jart“¬†in Lausanne as professor of rhythm, jB also collaborates with Caroline Carlson (the USA), Larrio Ekson (the USA), Denise Jefferson (the USA), Malou Airaudo (France), Christel Wallin (Sweden), Harris Mandafounis (Greece), Douglas Nielsen (the USA), Clay Taliaffero (the USA) and Samuel Wuersten (Switzerland).
Always keen for travel and new discoveries, he continues to deepen his knowledge through regular trips to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba and the Antilles.

He composed these last years for Gil Roman, Maurice Béjart, Julio Arozarena, ...





Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art.  It is taught three times a week by Olivier Perrenoud, twice Swiss champion and seventh Dan.



Valérie LACAZE

Assistant and freelance choreographer

Nationality : Swiss-French
Valérie Lacaze is in charge of overseeing students’ daily activities as well as the general organisation of School performances and auditions.
She obtained her university qualifications a year early and her first dance contract at 20 years old. She obtained a dance state teaching diploma in 1988.
Her students have won national and international competitions and some have become professional dancers. One of them is today a sujet at the Paris Opera.

In 1997 she was auditioned by Maurice Béjart and became a full-time modern dance teacher at his school, the Rudra Béjart.
These last years, she created and directed major creations for the Rudra Bejart's School with the composer Anne Vadagnin :
"Camille Claudel la mariée de l'oubli" : For the anniversary show of the Swiss Mission to the European Union in Brussels, May 30th 2012. The performance was greeted with a fifteen-minute round of applause by the public, made up of diplomats, ministers and ambassadors. For the 20' anniversary of the Rudra Bejart's School.
"Qualia or The artist's life" : N√ģmes Arena - France in front of 32'000 people ( 4 shows )- At the international Festival Tianqiao Theater of Beijing-China, 4'000 people ( 2 shows ).

As a freelance choreographer, she is invited to create variations for international competitions, to take part of the jury and to create original choreographies for dance companies like the Martha Graham Dance Cie, the National Ballet of China, ..



Musical accompaniment and freelance composition

Pianist and composer.
Miss Vadagnin is the main pianist of our school. She accompanies both the ballet and modern classes.

Nationality : French / Swiss
She obtained her graduation ( BAC + 5 ) in France and is National Education Ministery's music teacher since 1994.
She also played at the "Centre de Formation du diplôme d’Etat de danse" and at the "Ballet du Grand Théâtre" of Bordeaux.
She arrived at the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne in 1998.

As freelance composer, she creates musical arrangements for different performances, movies soundtracks; she composed original musics for Valérie Lacaze's choreographies.
In 2013, she was invited by the Chinese National Ballet to teach their pianists.
She is very often invited in dance companies to play their classes.