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  The School

The Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne is the only free, international private school in the world.

On the opening day in September 1992, Maurice Béjart clearly defined the Rudra Béjart School’s mission:                                                    
"(…) The Rudra Béjart School is also an intellectual and ethical way of life providing young dancers with a set of values to enable them to take their place in today’s society.  In a lax and permissive environment we need people who can stand up to life’s challenges resolutely and without aggressiveness.”    

In 1971, with extraordinary vision, Maurice Béjart opened the Mudra Studio-School in Brussels, designed as a unique centre for dance training and research, and open to new ideas and cultures.  Since 1992, the Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne has been carrying on the basic precepts of this vision under the joint direction of Maurice Béjart and Michel Gascard.
Since 1992, more than 450 young dancers from 30 different countries and from different socio-economic backgrounds have been given the opportunity to benefit, free of charge, from a two-year training course with world-class dance teachers.
The School trains young dancers in classical and modern academic techniques and develops their artistic knowledge thanks to a rigorous education in music, rhythmics and drama.  This training combined with traditional dances and Kendo - a Japanese martial art - ensures a constant blending of artistic expressions. The Rudra Béjart School is a unique institution where new generations can discover and learn to perform the repertoires of Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart.  Stage experience is an integral part of the artistic training.  Students have had the opportunity to perform in public in Switzerland, other European countries, Latin America, Russia, Japan, India and China.

Maurice Béjart‘s enduring objective was to train dancers who would be capable of coming up to choreographers’ expectations, but who could also find their own way as creators.  Indeed, there are many alumni of the School who today run their own innovative companies.  And in accordance with Maurice Béjart’s wishes, the Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne is committed to passing on his method of teaching and his concept of humane choreography.

Michel Gascard, Directeur


Comité d’honneur
de l’école-atelier
Rudra Béjart Lausanne

Melle Claude Bessy
Mme Laura Betti
M. Pierre Boulez
M. Freddy Buache
M. Jacques Lacarrière
M. Patrice Chereau
M. Patrick Dupond
Melle Maina Gielgud
Melle Marcia Haydee
M. Jiri Kylian
M. John Neumeier
M. Jean-Jacques Rapin
Mme Vanessa Redgrave
Mme Constance Vernon

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