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March 2013

The new students are coming from France, Italy, Israël, Cyprius, Spain, Belgium, Cameroun, Sloveny and Japan.




1- ASTEMIO Andrea, Italy, 16 years 11 month old
2- BELJULJI Marco, Italy, 19 years 11 monthold
3- CASPI Ohad-Fabrizio, Italy-Israël, 17 years 11 month old
4- DELPORTE Tim, Belgium, 17 years 4  month old
5- DREJC Derganc, Sloveny, 18 years 2 month old
6- ERIN Simon, France, 16 years 10 month old
7- MONJE JIMENEZ Enrique, Spain, 17 years 7 month old
8- ONANA ESSOMPBA Theo, Camerouns, 20 years 4 month old
9- RAPS Ohad, Israel, 17 years 5 month old
10- YAMAGUCHI Koki, Japan, 18 years 1 month old
11- ZAPPALA Ennio, Italy, 18 years old


1- FOSSÉ Maëliss, France, 16 years 11 month old
2- ABADIE Gabrielle, France, 17 years 7 month old
3- BRUEY-PENAUX Ophélia, France, 17 years 4 month old
4- JAGER Florette, France, 17 years 4 month old
5- MARKARI Olga, Cyprius, 17 years 8 month old
6- PERTERRE Sarah, France, 17 years 1 month old
7- ROUSTAN Juliette, France, 17 years 7 month old
8- SUTEAU Sophie, France, 17 years 7 month old
9- BIGEON Floriane, France, 18 years 11 month old
10- BRUNNER-KOPEJK Irit, Israël, 18 years 3 month old
11- KATAGIRI Yu, Japan, 18 years 5 month old
12- MICHAELIDOU Vivian, Germany-Cyprius, 18 years 8 month old
13- BESSOUDO Léa, France, 19 years old
14- BOSETTI Marion, France, 19 years 2 month old


February 2013

Our students dance the "Rite of spring" and the"Boléro" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne's company.
Next performance in April at the Kremlin theater of Moscow.




Sylviane Bayard, first winner of the competition "Prix de Lausanne 1973", teach the point shoes classes in February.


January 2013

The teachers and students of the Seoul Ballet Theater took ballet classes in Rudra during 3 days.



All the students are following a two weeks masterclass of cubean modern dance with Mister Armando Marten.




Happy New Year !






A very special new student took the class on december 19th




Performance in Lausanne :

You can now reserve your seats for the December 18th Rudra's performance in Lausanne, Beaulieu Theater on : TICKETCORNER.CH
With Mélodie ZHAO, young pianist virtuoso, on stage to play Lizst for the point shoe ballet.





We performed in Geneva for the International Conference of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.
1800 people in the audience for a special creation.
Miss Micheline Calmy-Rey, President of the Swiss Federation, warmly congratulated Michel Gascard for this performance.





After a three weeks masterclass of theater, Mister Jorge Sada, teacher from Brazil, proposed a presentation with all the students.




Maître Fukumoto Sensei, 8'Dan of kendo, is actually in Europe. He teached three masterclasses to all the students.




All the boys are learning the famous Maurice Bejart's choreography : "The rite of spring".
The girls also learn a Bejart's ballet on point shoes ( music by Listz ).

Mister Jacques Marsa, from Paris Opera, just teach the classical classes and the boy's ballet class.



Mister Jorge Sada, bresilian theater teacher, is in our school for a three weeks matesclass.


OCTOBER 30th : Classical dance and Halloween !!!





All the students performed on september 21st at the "Forces Motrices Theater" in Geneva : 50 minutes for the swiss private banks annual meeting. Two intensive weeks of rehearsals for a wonderfull result.
As Michel Gascard said after the performance : " Dear first year students, welcome to Rudra! Welcome!"

Link to the diaporama ( 75 photographs )



Our first day was on the 30th of August.
Ballet classes, Pas-de-deux, Modern dance, percussions, vocal placementl and kendo. Every teacher begins his programm to prepare the first perfomance on September 19th in Geneva. ( For private bankings in the theater "Bâtiment des Forces Motrices" ).


JUNE - JULY 2011

Admissions for the second year :

Are admitted :

Are admitted with a three month test period:
FRANKE Vanessa, ODIET Juliette

Are not admitted :


Are admitted :
BERGERO Yoann, CASADO SUAREZ Francisco Javier, GALIOTTO Mattia Riccardo, KURIYAMA Ren, LEFEBVRE Réginald, MARSEGLIA Gabriel, SCACCHETTI Simone, TIMPA Vincenzo

Are admitted with a three month test period::
ANTONIOLI Joele, DEMONT Alexandre, GARBO Filiberto

Is admitted in the first year class:
PRATALI Valentino-Kook


Our next performances :

22d July : Castle of Chillon - Switzerland - RESERVATIONS ONLINE ->



17th July : " The rite of spring " with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie - Verbier, Switzerland

10th July : Ceremony's performance for the "Gymnaestrada" competition - Lausanne

28th June : Rudra dance for the Foundation "Rive-Neuve" - Théâtre de l'Octogone - Pully, Switzerland
Reservations : or

22d June: Palais de beaulieu - 15h00 : free performance ( entrance 30 minutes before )

From 10th to 18th June : " The rite of spring " with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie - Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne


Congratulations to the "Rudrists" who danced the "Rite of spring" like professional dancers with the Béjart Ballet Cie !

Miss Emma Sandall, ex-soilist of the Béjart Ballet Cie, teached a point shoes class to all the Rudra girls. Wonderfull moment for all of them !


The Facebook group "Rudra Béjart aura 20 ans en 2012" is online since Mai 14th.
It is made to get in touch with all the "Rudristes" since the school's creation in 1992.
We will organize a big birthday party in 2012 with all of them !





We will dance during the "Swiss Dance Festival" :

Sunday, May 15th from 11h00 to 11h30 on stage : "Place de l'Europe" in Lausanne city
Sunday, May 15th from 14h30 to 15h30 : open classes in our school, "Chemin du Presbytère 12, Lausanne"

All around the dance studio, more than 300 people were sitting to watch the Rudra's presentation.



Stefano AMBROSI, Italy
Eneko BORAO, Spain
Leonardo CREMASCHI, Italy
Mattia CUDA, Italy
Tomu KAWAI, Japan
Léo MAINDRON, France
Giulio PANZI, Italy
Antonio SARDELLA, Italy
Leo VENDELLI, France
Simone ZANNINI, Italy


Vanessa De Ruggeris, Italy-Slovaky
Laia De Vancells Pi, Spain
Ayaka FUJITA, Japan
Laure JOLY, France
Astrid JULEN, Switzerland
Mikino KARUBE, Japan
Karina KUDOYAROVA, Russia
Rachel MATHURIN, Belgium
Virginia NEGRI, France
Yuriko NISHIHARA, Japan
Mari OHASHI, Japan
Anna-Maria PAOLETTI, Italy
Laurie PENALVER, France
Violeta WULFF, Spain



April 2011

LINK TO : The audience gives an ovation to the Rudra Bejart School's performance in Vannes-France.


"Maurice Béjart's spirit " Newspaper from Vannes city in France



April 2011

All boys and girls are learning the famous choreography " The rite of spring " with Mister Michel Gascard. Some of them will perform this ballet with the Béjart Ballet Company in June.

March 2011

We are preparing the new program for the Vannes's performance in France : it is based on the Maurice Bejart's repertory.

We are performing on the 5th of March in the famous international school "Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne".
We present a special performance created espacially for them.

February 2011

We will perform a private show on the 23rd of February in the " Palais de Beaulieu" - Lausanne.

January 2011

Michel Gascard is teaching Maurice Béjart's Repertory as choreographic lessons.
Actually, the students are learning Solos, Pas-de-deux and different parts of the choreography : "Le Molière imaginaire".

Mr Gil Roman, director of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie, is creating a ballet for all the students. It will be presented in July 2011 front of 20000 people for the World Gymnaestrada Lausanne.

Mrs Valérie Lacaze prepares for four students a mixed choreography with flying acrobatics and dance.

Mr Shantih Breikers is teaching acrobatics.

Mrs Muriel Belmondo teached the point shoes classes.




December 2010

We will perform in Milano - Italy at the end of the festival "Midanza".

On the programme : Kendo, Gloria (choreography Maurice Béjart), Pulcinella ( modern dance, music I. Stravinsky), modern Solo, Idian dance, Chorus ( Mozart ), Honky Cat ( Girl's choreography on point shoes - Maurice Béjart), Les patineurs ( Boys choreography - Maurice Béjart ), Percussions, L'amour sorcier and Final percussion.

November 2010

All the students are following a three weeks masterclass of traditional indian dance with the Master Savitry Naïr and the famous dancer Shantala Shivalingappa. The final presentation will be on the 20th at 15h00.

October 2010

October 20th, 18:00: We will perform in Montreux for the "XIII sommet de la Francophonie ".


Miss Loipa Ajauro, first dancer of the Nationale Ballet of Cuba, teaches the ballet class and the point shoes class every morning.

All the students presented their theater works with Mister Michele Monetta.

September 2010

All the students are following a three weeks master class of Comedia Dell Arte with the master Michele Monetta from Napoli-Italia. They all prepare a presentation.

The first and second years students performed allready on stage in front of the audience of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce and Industries.
On the programm : Classical barre work, Kendo, Singing, Maurice Béjart Repertory, Modern dance Martha Graham technic and percussions.

Every evening, the Rudra students and the Bejart Ballet Cie dancers learn together with Michel Gascard the famous choreography "The rite of spring" created by Maurice Béjart.
Some of them will be selected by Gil Roman to dance with the cie in May 2011.

August 2010

August 31st, first day for all the students.

8h00 - 9h00 Welcome and meeting with first and second years students
9h00 - 10h45 Ballet class with Mister Azari Plissetski, Miss Anne Vadagnin, pianist
11h00 - 12h30 Ryhtms and percussions for the first year students / Modern dance for the second year students
12h45 - 14h15 Modern dance for the first year students / Ryhtms and percussions for the second year students
14h15 - 15h00 Lunch breack
15h00 - 16h30 Kendo
16h30 Registrations

July 2010

3 July, Performance in Prilly, Switzerland with Repertory dances, personnal works, hip-hop, theater pieces, chorus, percussions and kendo.

End of the school year.

Vacation period from July 3rd to August 30th. First day on August 31st at 8:00

4 July, 15 students travel to Montpellier-France to dance with the Bejart Ballet Company : "Le concours" (July 6th and 7th).

Ten students will work in August with the Music Conservatory of Lausanne : "Don Giovani" music, singing and dance.

June 2010

The teachers and the direction announced their decisions concerning the second years admissions.
Admitted students are :
Girls : Anaïs De Raemy, Suzanne FARDEL, Kana MABUCHI, Kathleen MACCLURE, Lore PRISZO.
Boys : Marc BEAUGENDRE, Sylvain BOUVIER, Rémy ISENMANN, Luke PRUNTY, Alessio SANNA, Denovane VICTOIRE.
Admitted students with a three month testing period: Adeline GUILLEMOT, Aurélie PATRIARCA, Louison SOMON, Alexandre JUILLET, Geoffroy POPLAWSKI, Dmitry ZELENKO.


June 27th : Presentation at the end of the theater's masterclass with Mister Jorge Sada, Brazil.



June 17th : "Palais de Beaulieu" Theater

We performed with orchestra, musicians from the " Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne" and the " Music Conservaotry of Singapur". Our students created themself all the choreographies.
On the programme : "Sonates" from Ginastera, Britten, Poulenc and Shostakowitch, and "David and Goliath", a special musical creation from Guy-François Leuenberger for the Rudra students.
We offered this performance to all the Rudra's sponsors and friends.


We will perform on saturday 12th in the theater " Halles de Sierre " Switzerland, Valais. This performance is a kind of tribute to Mister Philippe Branschweig who created in 1973 the international competition " Prix de Lausanne" (the first winner of this competition was Michel Gascard).
Mister Branschweig took also part of the group who invited Maurice Béjart to come in Lausanne in 1987.
The performance " I remember you" is invited by Miss Cilette Faust dance academy in Sierre.

All the students begin a new three weeks theater masterclass with Mister Jeorge Sada, teacher of the brazilian theater academy of Curitiba.

May 2010

We are working on an exceptionnal performance with two international music schools : The "Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne" and the "Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music de Singapour".
Their teachers and students will play live for the Rudra student's creations.
Our students will present the choreographies they creat these last two month.
We will perform in the "Palais de Beaulieu theater" in Lausanne, on the 17th of June.

Mister Julio Arozarena ( Béjart Ballet Cie) is teaching the girl's ballet class.
Mister Michel Gascard is teaching the boy's ballet class.

April 2010

Mister Serguey Soloviev, ex-first dancer of the Bolchoï Dance cie is teaching the ballet class this week.

We ask the students to produce their own creations. Every day, the studios are open until 21:00 to help them to work alone or by groups. Every week-end, they present their work to the director Michel Gascard who help and correct if necessary.
The best works will be in the next performance of the school.

Mister Selatin Kara, choreographer, ex-dancer of Michael Jackson is teaching during three weeks. He will create a ballet for the next school's performance.

March 28th

End of the traditionnal indian dance masterclass.
Presentation front of the school's director and all the teachers.


The students, Shantala Shivalingapa ( on the right side ) and Adtmananda ( on the left side).



20 and 21 March Auditions for International Students

The following candidates have been accepted for entry on 31 August 2010:


1 - ANTONIOLI Joele, Italian, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
2 - BATANGAN Jarin, American, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
3 - CASADO SUAREZ Francisco Javier, Spanish, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
4 - DEMONT Alexandre, French, 19 years old - CONFIRMED
5 - FILIP Christian, Rumanian, 19 years old - CONFIRMED
6 - GALIOTTO Mattia Riccardo, Italian, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
7 - GARBO Filiberto, Italian, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
8 - KURIYAMA Ren, Japanese, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
9 - MAGER Dimitri, French, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
10 - LEVEBVRE Réginald, French, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
11 - MARSEGLIA Gabriel, Italian, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
12 - MOREAU Alain, French, 15 years old - CONFIRMED
13 - PANIAGUA Sullivan, French, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
14 - PRATALI Valentino-Kook, Swiss, 15 years old - CONFIRMED
15- TIMPA Vincenzo, Italian, 17 years old - CONFIRMED


1 - ANDRAL Manon, French, 16 years old - CONFIRMED
2 - BLOM Jenny, Norway ( 3 month testing period )
3 - BOURDAIS Sandra, French, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
4 - BRANDI Lara, Italian, 16 years old - CONFIRMED
5 - FORREST Amelia, Dutch, 16 years old - CONFIRMED
6 - FRANKE Vanessa, French, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
7 - FURUUCHI Maiko, Japanese, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
8 - LANDREAU Charlotte, French, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
9 - LOPEZ DE LAS HERAS Magarita, Spanish, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
10 - ODIET Juliette, Swiss, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
11 - PUENTES Wilma, Spanish, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
12 - RAPIN Mohana, Swiss, 18 years old - CONFIRMED
13 - SARGENT Lauren, Australian, 17 years old - CONFIRMED
14 - SCOTTO Marina, French, 19 years old - CONFIRMED

March 2010

On March 9th we will be beginning a new masterclass of traditional Indian dance called Kuchipdli. At the end of the three-week work period, all the students will dance a choreographic presentation. Our guest teacher is Miss Shantala Shivalingapa, assisted by Miss Atmananda Talavidya.

All the students are working on Le Concours, a ballet created by Maurice Bejart.  Some will subsequently be selected by Gil Roman to dance in a number of Béjart Ballet Company performances.

January - February 2010

All the students are starting work on Tchekhov au bois dormant, a ballet created by Maurice Béjart for his Rudra School in 2007. For the time being everyone is learning all the roles and working with great enthusiasm on the classic Sleeping Beauty variations!
We will have different castings for our future shows so that as many students as possible can have the opportunity to dance this marvellous ballet.

Katalyn Csarnoy, a former solo dancer with the 20th Century Ballet Company, gives the classical dance lessons: every morning a 1 hour 45-minute lesson, a class for boys and a Pointe class.

December 2009

All the students attended a masterclass in Horton’s modern dance technique, taught by Max Luna III.All the students attended a masterclass in Horton’s modern dance technique, taught by Max Luna III.

November 2009

Selatin Kara, a choreagrapher and ex-dancer for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Carlos Santana, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin and others, gave three weeks of masterclasses in show techniques (jazz, hip-hop, etc.).  A presentation of the class work was given on Sunday, 22nd November.

October 2009

Katalyn Csarnoy, ex-dancer of the ‘Ballet du XXième siècle’ (Ballet of the 20th Century) company, gave one week of classical dance lessons.

A new morning schedule was tried out and then applied.  After a 1¾ hour classical dance class, boys will continue with ½ hour of classical.  After the break, there will be a Pas de Deux class, or a 1 hour Pointe class for girls. In all, 3 hours of classical dance every morning, 6 days a week.

September 2009

School started again on September 1st.

Once the first-year students had been welcomed by their second-year ‘buddies’, they all had their first classical dance lesson together, with Azari Plissetski. This was followed by Modern Dance lessons with Tancredo Tavares and Percussion with Thierry Hochstaetter.  In the afternoon, students tried out the Kendo equipment, and later parents arrived for the student registration formalities.  As from day two, classes were back to normal and included Classical, Modern, Percussion, Singing, Pas de Deux and Kendo.


MORE NEWS until 1992 !