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will take place in Lausanne
on February 22d & 23rd.









Decembre 2019

  Charlotte LANDREAU, soloist of the Martha Graham Dance Cie in
New-York teach a workshop to the first and second year students !



November 2019

Mister Michel Gascard invited all the second year studens in a restaurant for a meeting to speak about the auditions and the professional experiences.



October 2019


We begin to create a new project : the Youth Olympic Games 2020 Performance :

Six performances in Lausanne at the end of January 2020 !

We feel very honoured to dance for this amazing world event.



All the students follow ballet classes, men's technic classes and pointe shoes classes.


All the girls begin to learn 4 solos on point shoes extracted from Maurice Bejart's repertory.

In one week only, all the students created their own group's works on Gyorgy Ligeti's musics.
The presentation took place on October 6th.

September 2019


100th Anniversary of the Swiss National Circus KNIE : The Knie Family warmly welcomed Michel Gascard and all the Rudra Bejart School for his Premiere in Lausanne !!!
An amazing performance to discover on :



The first day of the 2019-2020 season was on September 2nd.

Michel Gascard present you the new class 2019-2020 !



July 2019

We perfomed 4 times in Bangkok-Thailand at the end of July for the coronation's festivities of the new Thailand's King : Rama X.
( Chreographies of Valerie Lacaze and students personal works).

We travelled on Emirates airlines. The Movenpick hotel's team welcome us in Bangkok. An amazing hotel with a marvellous garden. One of the most beautifull in the center of Bangkok !

We had the honour of a private invitation and brunch by his Excellency the ambassador Mister Ivo Sieber and his wife in the beautiful swiss ambassy in Bangkok.

We would like to thank very much his Excellency the swiss ambassador Mister Ivo Sieber and his wife, the thai gouvernment's representatives, the Movenpick hotel direction and team, the theater staff and the dance school who welcome us every day for our classes !




"My french Valentino" received a standing ovation at the festival "Dei due mondi" in Spoleto - Italy !

Pierre-Antoine Bardot, receives the "Monini Prize 2019" at the Spoleto Festival in Italy for his leader role in My french Valentino !

Michael Baryshnikov received this prestigious prize in 2012 !


June 2019

"My french Valentino" is programmed in Italy on June 28th & 29th to open the festival "Dei due mondi" in Spoleto and will be on tour until July !


With this new creation, the independent choreographer Valerie Lacaze is back working with the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart, following the success of her Camille Claudel the Forgotten Bride in 2012 and Qualia or the Life of an Artist in 2013, which attracted audiences of almost 50,000 people worldwide.
The original choreography of My French Valentino, based on historical facts and richly documented, brings to life the golden years of the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties.
Valerie Lacaze has also invited several Rudra School teachers as well as its director, Michel Gascard, to perform in this original dance work. It is a show full of emotion and humour that will appeal to all audiences.




More detail and photographs on the freelance choreographer Valerie Lacaze's website.


April - May 2019

All the school will be on stage for a new creation on May 17th and 18th !







March 2019


The 2019 audition takes place in Lausanne on March 24th and 25th.


February 2019

All the boys follow a one week classical masterclass with Mister Herve Dirmann.
The girls follow Miss Sandrine Cassini's ballet class.

Miss Monique Loudieres from the Paris Opera, Cynthia Harvey director of the American Ballet Theater's school of New-York and several international teachers watch our classes and choreographies.


January 2019

All the Rudra Bejart school is honoured to dance a private gala for the famous swiss jeweller PIAGET.

We work everyday to create the 2019 performance. The world premiere will be in April in Switzerland.



December 2018


All the students have a singing class presentation on December 20th.

All the students begin to work on the 2019 creation : World Premiere in April !

The second year students present a modern dance piece, directed by Tancredo Tavares.



November 2018


All our students performed in two private galas at the BFM Theater in Geneva and at the Convention Center EPFLausanne on November 8th and 13th.

Standing ovations for the two performances !!!




With Mister Renaud Capucon at the BFM Theater in Geneva.


Michel Gascard's interview about the Rudra Bejart's pedagogy



October 2018


All the school will perform on November 8th and 12th : two private galas at the BFM theater in Geneva and at the Convention Center in Lausanne.

Michel Gascard creates a new performance with extracts of the Maurice Bejart's repertoire about Mozart and the russian themes.
He asked the freelance choreographer Valerie Lacaze to create two new choreographies for the boys and the girls.

Our pianist Anne Vadagnin will play live for our young dancers with the famous violin player Renaud Capucon.
It is a great honour for all of us to be on stage with this amazing artist !


All the teachers take an active part in the performance. The students follow their classes 10 hours a day, six days a week to developp their technic and artistic qualities.



September 2018

The famous KNIE Family invited all the school to the Premiere of the swiss national circus show.
Some of their artists came in Rudra to watch our reheasals !



3 of our second year students took part in the anniversary's show at the Parkview Green in Beijing - China: an amazing hotel, modern art museum and luxurious shopping mall.

They danced Maurice Bejart and Valerie Lacaze's choreographies with 4 other professional dancers who did their studies at the Rudra Bejart's School these last 2 years.


Miss Feng, the director of the National Ballet of China, came to watch our performance. She congratulated our students and asked Michel Gascard to come back in Beijing as soon as possible with all the Rudra Bejart's School !




Our first day was on September 3rd.

Our 2018-2019 students are coming from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, UK, Ukrain, Turky, Japan, Corea, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia and New-Zeland.



July 2018


Congratulations to the second year students who find professional contracts in companies in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, ...
We are so proud of you all !


Students admitted for the second year 2018-2019 :


ARANA Katalin - CHOI Yunhyeong - CRAIN  Isabella - GUANZINI India - MATSUSHITA Sayaka - MOSSOT TEMPLIER Lea - RICCIARDULLI Giulia - SCHUERER Mina - UZ Ilgim

Admitted with a 3 month period of test : VERSTAPPEN Daphne - RENFRUM Lana.





The summer workshop just begins on Monday 16th with the first year students, the second year students and the new students admitted during the international audition 2018 !

From 9:00 to 19:00 : Ballet classes, modern classes, Maurice Bejart's repertoire, choreographic creations, percussions, vocal placement and kendo !






Five of our students performed in Firenze-Italy two Maurice Bejart and Valerie Lacaze's choreographies.









Michel Gascard and the students on the famous "Ponte Vecchio"



June 2018


A standing ovation for our 25' anniversary !




June 2018


Charlotte Landreau, soilist of the Martha Graham Dance Cie in New-York, taught a Martha Graham's technic and repertoire masterclass to all the students during two weeks !




The freelance choreographer Valerie Lacaze created a new ballet that you will watch at the Beaulieu Theater in Lausanne (for the 25' anniversary's performance).

"Pitchipoi", music Astor Piazzolla




Congratulations to Celeste Hauser, Lea Templier, Ylian Gascard, Titouan Bongini et Clement Coudry for their guest artist's performance in Brazil !



On the road to the airport !


First flight to Brazil !


Rehearsals in the dance studio


Physiotherapy !


Performance in 5 minutes !


With Mademoiselle Cynthia Harvey


After the performance with the brazilian artists !



Five of our students will dance the Gala's overture of the International Dance Festival in Brazil - Porto Alegre.
They will present a famous Pas-de-deux of Maurice Bejart and a contemporary creation specially made for them by Valerie Lacaze.

Duo : "Maurice Bejart invoque avec ce pas-de-deux le sens du sacre, la vision des Dieux inaccessibles et leur Amour absolu, idealise dans la purete des lignes".
Music: Oud, improvisation sur un theme traditionnel perse.
Dancers : Lea Templier/Ylian Gascard

Le temps de rever est trop court : "Ce pas-de-trois de Valerie Lacaze est une ode a la vie, aux humains imparfaits dont les gestes signifiants precipitent les meandres de l'Amour".
Music : Leo Ferre. Paroles Louis Aragon
Dancers : Celeste/Titouan/Clement Herlin



May 2018


Mister Michele Monetta teaches a Comedia dell'arte masterclass to all our students.

An amazing presentation to switch from laughter to tears !




April 2018


The pictures of our last performance in Dudingen !


The freelance choreographer Valerie Lacaze just created two new pieces :
"Abstractives" for six female dancers
"Le temps de rever est trop court" for two men and a women.

"Abstracatives"   "Le temps de rever est trop court"


Our next performances :

April 7th : Open classes. Bejart Ballet Lausanne Foundation's studios. Chemin du Presbytere #12 in Lausanne-Switzerland

April 19th : Podium Theater in Düdingen - Switzerland

April 25th : "Das Tanzfest". Forum Rolex Center EPFL.

June 21st : United Nations Organization. Geneva. Private performance.

June 30th & July 1st : Beaulieu Theater. Lausanne
Buy your tickets from May 4th on



We prepare a special performance for the "Podium theater" of Dudingen- Switzerland.
All the teachers work on new choreographies, extracts of Maurice Bejart's Repertoire, choral songs, new percussions, kendo and student's personal works.


February 2018


March 3rd : Performance for the International Dance Competition "de La Côte" - Beausobre Theater in Morges - Switzerland



Presentation of the February academic classes and extracts of the next performances :
Ballet, modern technic and Maurice Béjart repertory. With the first and second year students !



Our students followed an amazing masterclass of pasodoble with the World champions Arsen Agamalyan and Oxana Vasilyeva.

Technic, theatricality, strong personality, men and women's partner ... we also had the privilege of attending their creation of "Carmen" !!!




The international audition took place in Lausanne on February 10th and 11th.

A great many candidates coming from Switzerland - France - Belgium - Italy - Spain - Portugal - Germany - Austria - The Netherlands - Finland - Sweden - Great Britain- Irland - Chyprus - Greece - Armeny - Poland - Ukrain - Australia - New Zeland - Korea - Japan - Mexico - Uruguay - Chili - Argentina - Colombia - Brazil - USA and Canada followed two intensive days of tests !

Eliminator tests : Several ballet classes, variations and a modern dance class.

All the classes were accompanied by a the pianist and composer Anne Vadagnin.

The jury composed by Michel Gascard, Vladimir Liakine, Tancredo Tavares, Valérie Lacaze, KwiHyun Bin and Svetlana Bailly Andreeva keep the candidates in suspense because they selected the dancers until the last moment.

The following candidates are admitted for September 2018. Congratulations to :


VENETIDOU Athanasia, Greece, 15 years 5 month old / AHN Heesoo, Korea, 16 years 6 month old / CASCIANO Diana, Switzerland, 16 years 8 month old / GARCIA SALGADO Ana Laura, Mexico, 16 years 6 month old / NATHAN Mila, New Zeland, 16 years 4 month old / UEMURA Akira, Japan, 16 years 8 month old / COLOTROC Julie, France, 17 years 7 month old / MARKOVSKA Anastasiia, Ukrain, 17 years 1 month old / TURCO ELise, Australia-Austria, 17 years 1 month old / CARDONATI Lucrezia, Italy, 18 years 10 month old / ERRAJI Emma, France, 18 years 6 month old / TAIANA Micol, Italy, 18 years 5 month old / GANECO Saya, Japan, 19 years old.


DUPRE Hugo, France, 17 years 2 month old / FOLINI Nik, Italy, 17 years 8 month old / GIRVAN Theodore, Great Britain, 19 years 4 month old / GRAS Léo, France, 17 years 1 month old / LEVIEUX Léandre, France, 18 years 2 month old / PICOT Quentin, France, 16 years 11 month old / ROLLE Grabrielle, Italy, 18 years 3 month old / ROY CANTU Wilchaan, France, 17 years 8 month old / SANTINI Leonardo, Italy, 18 years 10 month old.

Admission with a 3 month test :
EL ACHARI Sellam, France, 18 years 1 month old / GEIRNAERT William, Belgium, 20 years 3 month old / LOPEZ LARRUINA Leandro, Uruguay, 19 years 5 month old.



January 2018

All our students prepare the next performance !
On April 19th in Düdingen - Switerland.

On the programme : classical dance, modern dance, extracts of the Maurice Béjart's repertory, original creations, personnal works, choral singing and percussions !

Video below



All our school was invited to the amazing Blue Man Group's show !


For the very first time, our teachers will take part together in an international workshop in Firenze-Italy from January 3rd
to 6th - 2018.

On January 6th, we will organize a selection for our audition in Lausanne. This selection will be open to the workshop's entrants only.

For more information, please contact "Opus Ballet"

via Ugo Foscolo, 6
50124 - FIRENZE - Tel./fax: +39 055 2335138


Decembre 2017


Congratulations to Shantih Breikers for this acrobatics masterclass with our students.

To develop the bodies and spirits ... to push the young dancers to leave their "comfort zone" ... to accept something new, to take risks, to surpass themself...
They did it !!!


November 2017

All our students performed a presentation in front of a private audience : The "FECPA" members from Neuchatel city, invited by the lawyer Mister Pierre Matile.
11 weeks of work only ... Congratulations to all the students !








Octobre 2017


Miss Sylviane Bayard teaches the Pointes Classes to all the girls.





Mister Michel Gascard teaches hte boys ballet classes and the "Pas-de-deux" classes to all the students.
They also begin to learn different extracts of Maurice Béjart's Pas-de-deux.


Every year, the students organize their "Halloween" at the ballet class.
The teachers bursted out laughing when they discover all the monster's faces ... but everybody worked conscientiously !




Septembre 2017



KNIE, the famous circus family warmly welcomed all our school for their Première in Lausanne on September 28th : "Whooow"

An exceptional programm :

His Excellency the Ambassador of Russia invited all our school at the Lausanne's Opera for the performance : "Fanfare des Cadets de l'Ecole Militaire et Musicale SOUVOROV" of Moscow.



Mister Gascard teaches "Light", extracts of the Maurice Bejart's choreographies to all the school.



The first day of the school year 2017/2018 is on September 3rd.


Our school is closed from July 17th to September 2d.


End of the school year 2016/2017

Congratulation to the students who are admitted in the second year's class :

GIRLS : ALBRIEUX¬†Jade, France - ¬†BOUCHARD Alice, France -¬†COWHIG Caitlin, Australia -¬†DEMONT Clara, Switzerland -¬†HAUSER Celeste, France -¬†JADUE Ma√Įa,¬†Canada-GB -¬†PEYRAT Claire,¬†France

BOYS : BONGINI Titouan, France - CALEF Bastien, France - COUDRY-HERLIN Clément, France - DUNOUAU Yannis, France - FAIELLA Giuseppe, Italy - GINDROZ Atias, Switzerland - GONZALEZ ORTS Albert, Spain

July 10th to July 16yh : Summer workshop with all the students ( 1' and 2' years students and new students ).

A really hard work during one week for the news students ! but an amazing welcome from the other students :

Find here the list of these companies !

July 2017

Our students and teachers received a warm and enthusiastic reception for their last performance at the "Th√©√Ętre du Jorat" on June 27th.
They now follow every day the last classes of the season : Ballet classes, modern dance, singing, percussions and kendo.

They also begin to learn new extracts of Maurice Béjart's Repertoire with Mister Michel Gascard.

The first year students are impatient to receive the list of successful candidates in the second year ... coming soon !

The first and second years students are greatly looking forward to seeing the new students they call " the students zero" ( the admitted candidates of our international auditon 2017 ).
They will follow all together a one week masterclass from July 10th to July 16th.

Our school will be closed from July 17th to September 2d.

The first day will be on September 3rd.

June 2017

All the school perform " Music in mouvment" on June 27th at the "th√©√Ętre du Jorat" in Switzerland with the musicians of the "OCL" and the Fran√ßois Jeanneau Jazz Quartet.

They dance their own choreography on a Bartok music and they also sing a chorus with live musicians.

The conductor Christophe Mangou organizes on stage a "sound painting's" workshop with our students.

Sorry, this peformance is booked since a long time ...


The wonderfull " th√©√Ętre du Jorat "


May 2017

  All our students follow a Comedia Dell'arte workshop with the master Michele Monetta. Presentation of their works on May 26th !

They just finish a 5 weeks ballet workshop with Mister Vladimir Liakine.

Special thanks to Gregory Batardon


All our students will perform together the creation 2017 : "Rudra ou l'amour danseur".

These 4 performances are made with Maurice Béjart's choreographies and new other original creations.
The central theme is the Molière's texts and oeuvre.

- Maurice Béjart's repertory taught by Michel Gascard in the form of dance studies.
- Personal works of the students directed by Tancredo Tavares
- Choral songs taught by KwiHyun Bin
- Percussion's works directed by Thierry Hochstatter and jB Meier
- Kendo fights directed by Olivier Perrenoud
- Original musical compositions by Anne Vadagnin and Thierry Hochstatter
- One original choreography created by Valérie Lacaze.

These 4 performances will be presented in different shapes, stage directions, durations and choreographies in each theater :

May 5th¬†¬†:"F√™te de la Danse", in L’Abri, Geneva-Switzerland

May 7th : at the "Octogone Theater" in Pully-Switzerland.
Full theater ! More than 1'000 people tried to obtain a ticket ... Standing ovation !
A guichets fermés ... standing ovation du public lausannois !

May 11th " International Festival of the young companies ",
: PERFORMANCE for the " at the BFM Theater in Geneva-Switzerland.
Amazing standing ovation from the geneva's audience !

The day after, they followed two master class in the Dance Area's studios : A ballet class with Hélène Roux and a contemporary workshop with Jean Philippe Dury, director of the "Elephant In The Black Box" Cie

The festival's sponsors "Harlequin"and"So Danca" offered tee-shirts and bags to the young dancers !u B√Ętiment des Forces Motrices, Gen√®ve. Magnifique standing ovation du public genevois !

Two performances the same day in Geneva !



Extracts of the new creation 2017


March 19th

An amazing audition !!!

The admitted candidates come from : France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Holland, USA, Switzerland and Slovenia.


End of the first day :
Ballet classes selections, 16 boys ans 43 girls selected for the second day !




Registration closed since March 1st

The candidates 2017 were born in :

Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, England, Irland, The Nederland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turky, Ukrain, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Corea , Japan, Canada and USA.

Rudra Béjart School 1992-2017 :
All the 2017 students will participate to our 25' anniversary ... a lot of performances and festivities !!!

March 2017

We will perform ¬ę¬†Rudra ou l’Amour danseur¬†¬Ľ :

May 5th¬†: Performance for the "F√™te de la Danse", at "L’Abri", Geneva.

May 7th¬†: Performance for the ¬ę¬†F√™te de la Danse¬†¬Ľ, Octogone Theater, Pully.

May 13th¬†: Performance for the " Gala des Jeunes Ballets", B√Ętiment des Forces Motrices Theater, Geneva.

May 20th¬†: Performance for ¬ę UNAIDS ¬Ľ, B√Ętiment des Forces Motrices Theater, Geneva.


February 2017

Dance VIPs honoured us with their visit this last days : Nicolas Le Riche and Claire Marie Osta "danseurs étoiles" from the Paris Opera, Jean-Yves Esquerre director of the "Dutch National Ballet Academy" and Kevin Haigen from the "School of the Hamburg Ballett".

In Lausanne for the famous competition "Prix de Lausanne", they took time to watch our classes.

Mister Jean Yves Esquerre and Kevin Haigen were dancers with our director Michel Gascard in the famous Maurice Béjart's company "Ballet du XXième siècle".

The dance world is so small ;-)

January 2017

Some of our students will perform the "Boléro" by Maurice Béjart in Moscow-Russia with the Bejart Ballet Cie.

December 2016

We had the honour and the pleasure to welcome The Princess Tessy de Luxembourg in our school on December 17th.
She watched our Repertoire class.
She warmly accepted to take a picture with all the students ! ... students very impressed by her generosity and modesty.

An amazing person they will never forget !

All the students with the Princess Tessy de Luxembourg (in the centre with the grey cardigan ).

- The first and second years students presented their singing works on December 17th.

Svetlana Bailly and her assistant KwiHyun Bin did a very high quality work with them.

Programm :

For the first year students :

"See the Godlike" Oratorio d- Handel For girls and boys
"Essurientes. Magnificat" - Vivaldi for the girls
"Vittoria" arrangement for two voices - Carissimi - for the boys
"Le sentier" a folk russian song for the boys
"Chants paysans russes" - Stravinsky - for the boys
"Amarilli" - Caccini for the soprano
"Chant espagnol" - Ravel - for the mezzo
"Nicolette" - Ravel - for the girls
"Supercalifragilistic" - Kostal - for two girls
Couplets "Trim-trim-trim" - Offenbach - for the girls
"Marechiare" c napolitan song - Tosti - for the boys
"Allons-y-chochotte" - Satie - for the boys

For the second year students :

"Bella enomorada" - Soutullo y Vert - by Manuel
"Pieta Signore" - Stradella by Kiran
"Chanson à boire" - Ravel by Kiran
"L'air de MacBeth" - Verdi - by Mathieu
"Como Quieres" - Guridi for the mezzo
"Me voglio fa n'a casa" - Donizetti - for the soprano
"Ca fait peur aux oiseaux" - Bernard - for the soprano
"La statue de bronze" - Satie - for the girls

Extracts of chorus with all the students :

"Exceeding glad shall he be" - Handel
"Oh, love divine" - Handel
"Sicut locutus" - Vivaldi
"Ah, che piu l'arco" - Dargomygsky
"Nella testa" - Rossini

- All the students learn different choreographies of Maurice Béjart's Repertoire with our director Michel Gascard.They prepare the next performance !

Novembre 2016

- The artists of the Slava's Snow Show came to our school this morning to watch our class !

We met them again after the show.

All our school is invited for the fantastic "Slava's SnowShow" on November 20th !

October 2016


Halloween 2016 !

October 30th : ballet class, music by Anne Vadagnin.




AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE with Mister Matthew Rushing from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater !

Click on PLAY to watch the TV reporting



Masterclass with Mister Matthew Rushing from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater !


October 2016 :



It is the beginning of the "Pas-de-deux" classes, taught by the director of the school Michel Gascard.

As soon as they will master this partner's technic, they will learn a Maurice Béjart's Pas-de-deux.



All the students follow a two weeks masteclass of "Comedia Del Arte" ( traditional italian theater ) with the Master Michele Monetta.



All the students performed at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne for the "Soirée de l'Espoir 2016". A performance offered by the students and the teachers for the International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia.

" L'Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart " est fière de s'associer à la Fondation IRP et tient à encourager dans leur lutte quotidienne les chercheurs, médecins et soigneurs, qui chaque jour, travaillent à la recherche des soins salvateurs. La jeunesse des cinq continents et les pédagogues qui composent l'Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart offrent avec amour danse et musique aux participants de cette soirée exceptionnelle de l'Espoir. La danse et la musique qui respirent aujourd'hui sur scène représentent l'unité lumineuse du "corps-esprit" qui tous nous recherchons pour transcender le quotidien et garder espoir en notre évolution holistique." Michel Gascard

Translation coming soon !

  All the students in the studio number 1 for a Happy birhtday Michel Gascard !


September 2016

First year students :

ALBRIEUX¬†Jade, France - ¬†BOUCHARD Alice, France -¬†COWHIG Caitlin, Australia -¬†CORNU Manon, France -¬†DEMONT Clara, Switzerland -¬†DISTASI Anna, Italy -¬†DO Lo√Įse, France -¬†HAUSER Celeste, France -¬†JADUE Ma√Įa,¬†Canada-England -¬†PEYRAT Claire,¬†France -¬†SARDELLI¬†Giulia, Italy -¬†VIGNES¬†Garance, France

BONGINI Titouan, France - CALEF Bastien, France - COUDRY-HERLIN Clément, France - DOZOL Nicolas, Switzerland - DUNOUAU Yannis, France - FAIELLA Giuseppe, Italy - GINDROZ Atias, Switzerland - GONZALEZ ORTS Albert, Spain - MAZURKIEWICZ Yohann, France


Second year students :

BEN HASSINE Aïda, France - CAPOTORTO Deborah, Italy- ERBA Mareva, France - FRANCALANCI Bianca, Italy - GONCALVES Ambre, France - GONZENBACH Dominique, Equator - GOSSIOME Diane, France- LINARES Maurane, France- PASTOR Madeleine, France- PINGUET Chantal, New Zeland- ROMANO Eleonora , Italy- TABARES Lohislany, Colombia - VAN HAAREN Anna, France.

BONNEMA Kiran, Brasil- CHABANEIX Mathieu , France - FERNANDEZ Manuel, Uruguay - RAMIREZ HURTADO Bryan, Colombia.


September 5th :

All the first and second years students begin a new school year on September 5th at 8:00.

June / July 2016

The admitted students of the 2016 audition followed a one week summer workshop until July 17th : Ballet classes, modern classes, vocal placement, percussions, Maurice Bejart's repertory. They will begin the new school year on September 5th.

The other students : Some of them are admitted for a second year, some of them are not. The second year students will now work in professionnal companies all around the world !

Last day, last ballet class

June / July 2016

Our students follow a "Kuchipuri" indian dance masterclass for three weeks.
The Master Savitry Na√Įr, who taught this technic to Maurice B√©jart, the international dancer and teacher Shantala Shivalingappa and their assistant Atmanda will offer a private performance to the students.

At the end of these three weeks, all the students will dance an indian dance presentation.

May 2016

The french TV channel "France 2" will report on our school on May 10th for the television programm "Télématin".

The theme of this television report, created by the journalist Anissa Arfaoui, is " Another kind of school ".

Our students learn the famous "Boléro" by Maurice Béjart to dance it in June at the Beaulieu Lausanne Theater with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie.

Two boys from the second year class will perform on tour in Italy the famous "Bolero" with the Bejart Ballet Dance Cie. They will stand in for injured dancers. A real proof of the professional work they follow in our school!

Crédit photographique L.Pasche

All the students follow classical Pas-de-deux classes with Michel Gascard.

The Pas-de-deux class is moving to a Maurice B√©jart's Pas-de-deux apprenticeship ! : Extract from "Sonate N¬į 5" created for Jorge Donn and Suzanne Farrel in 1970

April 2016


"Les Oiseaux", creation 2016 :

May 12th for the national programm of "Fête de la danse 2016", at the Rolex Center of EPFLausanne :


April 24th in Savièse-Switzerland, at the theatre "Le Baladin":


We also present a private performance at the "Convention Center" of the Lausanne's Federal Polytechnic School on April 19th : "Sport Accord Convention's Opening Ceremony".

This organization calls a meeting of more than 100 international Sport's Federations.



The 2016 candidates came from :

Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, England, Irland, Australia, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, USA and Japan


We just performed at the Barnabé Theater in Servion - Switzerland


The 2016 candidates will come from :

Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, England, Irland, Australia, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, USA and Japan



March 2016

All the school performs in Geneva on March 7th for the Women's Day 2016. It is a private performance organized by UNAIDS.


February 2016


All the school will perform an original creation : "Les oiseaux" on April 1st & 3rd at the "Barnabé Theater"


January 2016


on Valérie Lacaze's website, choreographer & dance photographer.



January 2015

The students perform on January 2016 with the Bejart Ballet Company at the Lausanne's Opera.
"La Gaité parisienne" is a Maurice Béjart's choregraphy. They learned it with Mister Michel Gascard who danced the principal role of "Offenbach".


December 2015


November 2015

After Montreux, Bruxelles, Vidy, the 100 anniversary of the Olympic Comittee, Rudra will perform for the private hospital "Clinique de Longeraie" on November 26th.


Rudra participes to the special performance "CHAMPIONS" : 100' anniversary of the International Olympic Committee on NOVEMBER 21st and 22d - 2015, on the "Place de la Riponne" in Lausanne.


The stage on Place de la Riponne in Lausanne.

Buy your tickets for "Champion" On internet : Or at : La Poste, Coop City, Manor ...

With the World champion Stephane LAMBIEL and the singer Bastian Baker.



Stephane Lambiel took the ballet class with Rudra on November 17th !



November 11th 2015 :

Dance, Symphonic orchestra, Painting !

All together for the very first time at the Theater Beaulieu Lausanne - Switzerland.

Exceptional gala made with guest appearance by the National Ballet of China's orchestra, the pianist Melodie Zhao, The Rudra Béjart's School and an amazing exhibition of the chinese painter Zao Wou Ki ( 1920-2013 ).




October / November 2015

All the Rudra Bejart's School on tour : Auditorium Stravinsky in Montreux, Gala of the Petipa Concours in Bruxelles and Vidy-Lausanne's Theater .

In the "TGV Lyria" train

They discover the different stages... they warm up their voices ...

All the school is invited by the " Maurice Béjart's house " in Bruxelles-Belgium

Very strong emotion between Michel Gascard and Tania Bari

(Maurice Béjart created "The rite of spring " for her in 1959).


Performances in Montreux, Bruxelles and Vidy-Lausanne.

Performance on November 2d :

Very touching evidences from Miss Maria De Watteville and Selma Tissières with the doctor Antaki; in direct phone line from Alep-Syria.

The syrian musician Redouane Haribe

September 2015

Absents from the photo : EON Oskar, DA SILVA Lorenzo, HURTADO Bryan.

October 26th 2015 : PRIVATE performance at the Auditorium Stravinsky in Montreux-Switzerland.

October 31st 2015 : Gala of the International Competition Petipa in Bruxelles-Belgium.
Reservation on the theater's website WHALLL (Bruxelles Woluwe Saint Pierre)

November 2d :
Supporting gala for the war syrian's victims at the Vidy Lausanne's Theater. 19:30.
Special performance with the musician Redouane HARIBE and the Doctor Nabil ANTAKI's evidence from Alep.
Reservation :
Thank you very much for your generosity.

antaki haribe


November 11th 2015 : 65' Anniversary of the free economic exchange between China and Swizertland.
Theater Beaulieu Lausanne - Switzerland.
Performance made with guest appearance by the National Ballet of China's orchestra and the pianist Melodie Zhao.
Reservation on the theater's website.


November 20th & 21st - 2015 : 100' anniversary of the Olympic mouvment in Lausanne. Place of "La Riponne" Lausanne-Switzerland.


Weeks 3 and 4 :

The girls follow point shoes classes with Miss Lucia Geppi.

The boys follow boys classical classes with Mister Valdimir Liakine.

September 1st was the first day for all the students : Welcome, Ballet class with Mister Vladimir Liakine accompanied by the pianist Anne Vadagnin, modern class with Mister Tancredo Tavares accompanied by the pianist Anne Vadagnin , Lunch breack, Kendo equipment and official registration.


June - July 2015

The new students admitted after the international audition followed a very intensive 7 days workshop with all the school : Ballet classes, modern dances classes, percussions and Maurice Béjart's Repertory.


BARBUTO Francesco - BONNEMA Kiran - CHABANEIX Mathieu - FERNANDEZ Manuel - KIM Eugene - LORIMY Wallis - PAONESSA Salvatore - PRANDI Igor - WATKINS Alexis- RAMIREZ HURTADO Bryan


BEN HASSINE Aïda - CAPOTORTO Deborah - ERBA Mareva - FRANCALANCI Bianca - GONCALVES Ambre - GONZENBACH Dominique - GOSSIOME Diane - LINARES Maurane - PASTOR Madeleine - PINGUET Chantal - ROMANO Eleonora - TABARES Lohislany - VAN HAAREN Anna

The two classes ( first and second years students ) follow a three weeks masterclass with Mister Armando Marten from Cuba Island.




All the Rudra's students performed the "IXth symphony" - choreography Maurice Béjart - with the professional dancers of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie and the Tokyo Ballet Cie from June 17th to June 21st.




Malley's theater in Lausanne


Our students follow a "Comedia Del Arte" masterclass with the Master Michele Monetta.

They will present their works in front of all the Rudra's teachers in a few days.



Mai 2015

We just finish on May 24th a three weeks masterclass of Indian Dance with the Master Savitry Naïr, the teacher and dancer Shantala Shivalingappa and their assistant Atmananda Svamini.




All the students learn with Michel Gascard the "IX' Symphony", choreography by Maurice Béjart. Some of them will perform with the Bejart Ballet Cie and the Tokyo Ballet Cie from June 17th to 21st at the Malley-Lausanne theater.

We performed with other artists during the Jacques Dalcroze's tribute at the Barnabé Theater - Switzerland on May 21st at 20:00


The Rudra Béjart's School will propose a modern dance piece created by the students, directed by their modern dance teacher Mister Tancredo Tavares and two percussions and dance's pieces created by Thierry Hochstätter and Jb Meier.

This performance is part of the Barnabe Theater's 50' years festivities.

Reservation on the theater's website :


We invite you to our PUBLIC CLASSES

On Mai 9th, 14:00-16:00 at L'Octogone – Theatre of Pully - Switzerland

The teachers and the 40 students invite you to their public classes, to discover their way of work and the Rudra Bejart's pedagogy on stage at the "Octogone theater".

We inform you that this public classes are organized by the swiss festival "Fête de la Danse " who promotes all the dance's styles and technics in Switzerland from Mai 7th to Mai 10th-2015.

Entrance : fr. 15. - Free entrance under 16 years old.

More information on

Avril 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to the 13 boys and 14 girls admited at the international audition on April 4th and 5th :

Francesco BARBUTO, Italy 16 years old - BONNEMA Kiran, Dutch/Brasil 17 years old - Mathieu CHABANEIX, France 18 years old - Manuel FERNANDEZ, Uruguay 18 years old - Nicolas FRAU, France 18 years old - Mike GAUTIER, France 18 years old - Eugene KIM, Corea 17 years old - Wallis LORIMY, France 19 years old - Salavatore PAONESSA, Italy 16 years old - Igor PRANDI, Italy 17 years old - Diego URDANGARIN, Spain 17 years old - Alexis WATKINS, France 18 years old - Bryan Fernando RAMIREZ HURTADO, Colombia 17 years old.

Lohislany TABARES, Colombia 18 years old - Deborah CAPOTORTO, Italy 16 years old - Bianca FRANCALANCI, Italy 16 years old - Eleonora ROMANO, Italy 16 years old - Aïda BEN HASSINE, France 17 years old - Mareva ERBA, France 17 years old - Diane GOSSIOME, France 17 years old - Madeleine PASTOR, France 17 years old - GONCALVES Ambre, France 18 years old- Dominique GONZENBACH, Equator/Switzerland 18 years old - Maurane LINARES, France 18 years old - Chantal PINGUET, Nouvelle Zélande 18 ans - Hortense QUENTIN DE GROMARD, France 18 years old- Jessica BROWN, Australia 19 years old.

February 2015

We performed a special creation for the Women's Day organisation with the UNAIDS in Geneva on March 5th.


We performed for the chinese New Year and the « Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Switzerland » at the Rolex Center in EPFLausanne.
Our program : a choral sing with all the dancers directed by Miss Svetlana Bally, " Psyché rock" extract of Maurice Béjart's repertory directed by Mister Michel Gascard, "Muji" a Valérie Lacaze's creation on a chinese music composed by Anne Vadagnin and a percussion's final presentation with all the dancers directed by Thierry Hochstaetter et Jb Meier.

Our young artists received thunderous applause from the chinese audience and the congratulations of Miss Xu Jinghu, ambassador of China in Switzerland.


Two famous teachers teach classical dance masterclasses this month : Mister Misha TCHOUPAKOV and Miss Emma SANDALL.

Several students will dance in our sponsor's advertisement : Jacquet-Droz.

Our Kendo teacher Mister Olivier Perrenoud is now SEVENTH Dan. Congratulations !

January 2015

Happy New Year everybody !


December 2014

We just finish the masterclasses of point shoes with Miss Sylvaine Bayard and of boys classical's technic with Mister Vladimir Liakine.


November 2014

Miss Nadège Maruta teach a "Cancan" masterclass to select the students who will perform "La veuve joyeuse" of Franz Lehar at the Lausanne's Opera from December 21st to December 31st-2014.

Our modern dance teacher Tancredo Tavares and our rythm and percussion's teacher Thierry Hochstatter taught a complet week in the

National Dance Academy of Beijing - China because of our schools pedagogic exchanges.

(All the Rudra School did a three weeks masterclasses and performances in November 2014).

Our students follow an acrobatic's masterclass with Mister Shantih Breikers who has a degree of the National Center of the Circus Arts. He was also a famous artist of the "Théâtre équestre Zingaro" and followed his dance studies in Rudra.

4 boys and 5 girls are learning the modern dance variations Miss Valérie Lacaze is actually creating for the " Petipa International Dance Competition". It will take place in the "Grand Théâtre de Quebec"  on Mai 2015.
These 6 variations will be online for the candidates in North America.

Our director Michel Gascard teach some extracts of the Maurice Béjart's Repertory to prepare the next performance of 2015.


October 2014


October 17-18-19th : Around 20 of our students danced "The rite of spring" choreography Maurice Béjart, with the Béjart Ballet Cie in Berlin - Germany ( Tempodrom Theater ).



Our students performed for the first time all together for the 30' birthday of the "TGV Lyria".
A wonderful experience on stage with the famous singer Bastian Baker.



The famous circus family KNIE invites all our school to the first performance in Lausanne !


Some of this performance's artists will come in Rudra to teach masterclasses !


October 7th

All the students will be on stage for the first time in a private performance at the CFF station of Lausanne.

The Swiss and french gouvernments organize a special event for the 30th birtday of the train "TGV Lyria".

This performance is made in collaboration with the famous swiss singer Bastian BAKER.

September 2014

The first day was on September 1st at 8:00.

After a welcome between the first and second year students, all of them followed a ballet class with Mister Vladimir Liakine and a modern class with Mister Tancredo Tavares.
In the afternoon, they learned Maurice Bejart's Repertory with Mister Michel Gascard because they will have a private performance on October 7th in Lausanne.
Finaly they finished this first day with the administrative registration.
They learned how to fill up the differentofficial forms to obtain their foreigners student's permits and swiss insurances.
Miss Valérie Lacaze help them every year to do all of this. It is a way to "make" their first steps in the professionnal life and to "help themself" !

During the first week, they meet all their teachers : Miss Svetlana Bally-Andreeva for the singing class, Misters Jb Meier and Thierry Hochstätter for rythm and percussions, Mister Olivier Perrenoud for the Kendo and our pianist and composer Miss Anne Vadagnin.

Bogdan Vovkanich not on the picture


The last contracts of our students :

Anthony Maestre-Benitez, Clelia Mercier et Chiara Posca at the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie
Clara Forgues at the Malandain Ballet Biaritz
Simone Scacchetti at the Regensburg Theater
Vincenzo Timpa at the Salzburg Theater
Vincenzo Vitanza and Clara Thierry at the Cinevox Junior Cie
Ilenia Vinci at the Dortmund Ballet
Ennio Zappala at the Mecklenburgisches Staatsteather 
Michelle Willems at the Zürich Ballet

August 2014

The first day will be on September 1st at 8:00



July 2014

We just perform two times in the " Château de Chillon" Switzerland.

Some choreographies and works of Maurice Béjart, Shantala Shivalingappa, Olivier Perrenoud, Thierry Hochstaetter, Jb Meier, Tancredo Tavares, Shantih Breikers, Valérie Lacaze, Michel Gascard, Svetlana Bailly and Anne Vadagnin.

a Z

E s

R a p

h t

y u





Mai 2014

We just finish a three weeks masterclass of traditional indian dance with Savitry Naïr (The indian master of Maurice Béjart ), the famous international dancer Shantala Shivalingappa and her assistant Atmananda.

A rigorous technic and a lot of spirituality !


shantala savitry



The international audition 2014 took place on March 15th and 16th.


The boys:

Jun Azuma, Japan - Callan Constable, Australia - Lorenzo Da Silva Dasse, France - Felix Deepen, Belgium - Charly De Groote, Switzerland - Ivan Demon, Spain - Oskar Eon, France - Paulin Maindron, France - Khanal Milan Hajime, Japan - Pierfrancesco Porrelli, Italy - Giuseppe Preziosa, Italy - MIchele Prudente, Italy - Pablo Sanchez Vasquez, Spain - Louis Siegert, Germany - Bogdan Vovkanich, Ukraine.


The girls :

Clara Boitet, France - Holly Broderick, Australia - Jeong Dain, Korea - Magdelaine Hodebourg, France - Maï Houmann, Switzerland - Erin Lee, USA - Mathilde Lin, France - Marzia Memoli, Italy - Clarisse Mialet, France - Eloise Morton, Australia - Maria Risso, Uruguay - Mirea Rotundo, Italy - Viviana Saitta, Italy - Sara Sonderegger, Argentiae - Nanko Tateishi, Japan - Tamika Taylor, Australae - Alessia Zelletta, Italy



March 2014



Women's Day 2014 - The United Nations- Geneva

We performed on March 7th in front of a large audience and Miss Mariangela Simao, UNAIDS Director of Gender, Human Rights and Community Mobilization.


Miss Mariangela Simao

a r

Classical dance / Improvisations

t y

Maurice Béjart's Repertory / Choral singing

u i

Valérie Lacaze's creation / Modern dance, Martha Graham's technic

o e

Percussions / The famous pianist Mélodie Zhao plays in live for our students.





We are actually working on a new performance for the UNAIDS & InterContinental GE International Women's Day - March 7th.

A special program : a classical choreography at the barre, different personnal works of our students directed by Michel Gascard, a modern dance choreography by Tancredo Tavares, percussions directed by Thierry Hochstaetter & jB Meier, two vocal chorus with Miss Svetlana Bailly and "A mundo condito" a choreography created by Valérie Lacaze for three dancers.




January / February 2014

Mister Vladimir Liakine teach the ballet classes to the boys.
Miss Sylviane Bayard teach the ballet classes to the girls.

Mister Shantih Breikers teach an acrobatic's masterclass.
Mister Eric Tremolières teach a vocal improvisation's masterclass.


December 2013

Our school is closed from December 23rd to January 14th at 9:00.

Happy New year everybody !!!





17 students of the Rudra Béjart's School are performing "The rite of spring" with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne Cie at the Beaulieu Lausanne Theater from December 18th to 22d.


October-November 2013

All the students and teachers are invited by the National Ballet of China for a three weeks master-classes and two performances in the Tianqio Theater.

Our programm : a two hours performance : "The studies" and "Qualia or the artist's life.

We fly to China with all the school in November !
Thank you very much for the precious help of The Swiss Ambassy in Beijing and his Ambassador Mister Jacques de Watteville, Mister Pierre Landolt, Parmigiani-Fleurier in Asia and

Poster of the Tianqio Theater in Beijing with the Rudra picture ( Pas-de-deux black and red on the right side)


Mister Vladimir Liakine teached two weeks of ballet class



July -August 2013


More than 30'000 people in the audience of our french tour in



All the pictures of the creation "Qualia or The artist life" on this link !



All the school will perform in France "Arènes de Nîmes" from August 12th to 15th for the special event "Marseille, europeen capital of the culture".
Free entrance for a one hour dance creation and a watershow extravaganza by Michel Hamann.
Audience of 8'000 people every night.

«Qualia or the Artist's Life« retraces the status of artists during the four main periods of Western society : from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, and highlights different qualia, those fleeting moments that give rise to artistic creation. 
For example, in the Renaissance period, painters considered qualia to be of divine origin, while in the 1970s artists associated qualia with the effect of drugs.

Choreographed and directed by Valérie Lacaze
Original music by Anne Vadagnin
Other music  : George Frideric Handel, Charles Aznavour, Hans-Werner Henze, Léo Ferré, Jacques Offenbach, Pink Floyd
Script : Raymond Devos
Accessories and costumes :  Valérie Lacaze - Caroline Zanetti 

The choreographer is taking the young Rudra Béjart school dancers on a metamorphic journey from Michelangelo to Keith Haring, including among others poètes maudits, censored or deported artists, and clowns.
Artistic creation, love, death and spirituality belong to that universal quartet that allows us to cross space-time boundaries and explore many dance techniques.

At the end, the young dancers will play percussions in live and dance a dynamic choreography created by Maurice Béjart : " Batucada"


June 2013

All the school prepare two private performances at the end of June.

Michel Gascard, Tancredo Tavares, Olivier Perrenoud, Thierry Hochstaetter, jB Meier and Svetlana Bally created choreographic and musical pieces for these evenments.

a z

e r


t h


Michel Gascard


April 2013


We begin the last three month of classes and prepare a new creation in Nîmes-France for the special event : "Marseille, capital of the european culture "
It will be a new performance, espacially made for the Nîmes's arena. August 12th to 15th
Free entrance !


Alll the students worked and performed with the choreographer Cisco Aznar. The Opera house of Lausanne was producting this creation " Le sacre " on May 3rd and 5th.
More details on the Opera's website ...



students will perform "The rite of spring"of Maurice Bejart with the Bejart Ballet Cie in Moscow-Russia ( April 1st to 8th ).