Welcome to the official website of the Rudra Béjart School.

Director Michel Gascard

"The Rudra Béjart School is also an intellectual and ethical way of life providing young dancers with a set of values to enable them to take their place in today’s society.  In a lax and permissive environment we need people who can stand up to life’s challenges resolutely and without aggressiveness.”    Maurice Béjart

" The Rudra Béjart School offers a free of charge education and is resolutely positioned in the future : Our students work today on the current dances and have the possibility to think of the future's dances". Michel Gascard


March 3rd : Peformance for the International Dance Competition "de La Côte" - Beausobre Theater in Morges - Switzerland

April 7th : Open classes. Béjart Ballet Lausanne Foundation's studios.
April 19th : Düdingen
April 25th : "The Swiss Dance Celebrations". Forum Rolex. EPFL. Lausanne
June 21st : United Nations Organization. Geneva. Private performance.
June 30th : Beaulieu Theater. Lausanne.





















The Rudra Béjart School thanks all the sponsors and partners for their contribution to our free, private international school