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FAQ | Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age to audition?
Applicants must have completed obligatory schooling and be 16 years old by the end of the year.

What is the maximum age to audition, and why?                                       
Girls have to be 19 years old before the end of the year, and boys 20.  We believe that after the age of 20, young dancers should be looking for work in a dance company rather than attending a school.

How many students do you select every year ?
Our school is free of charge. We don't need a certain number of students. We try to select 50% of girls and 50% of boys. But it depends of the candidate's level. They have to be at the level of the school; or better! If there is only 10 talented students, we select only 10 new students !
Normaly, we accept around 20 new students every year.

Is there any physical selection to enter in your school ?
We don't make any weight or hight's selections; we look at the candidates attentively because a dancer is like a high level's sportman. Good body's proportions and physical capacities are necessary.
We recommend to the girls who are more than 1m78 and less than 1m60 to look for another job. The professional companies don't audition dancers they can't place in their groups because of their hight. It is also too difficult to find a partner for very tall women. The dancer career is difficult. You need a very strong physical appearence ( no anorexia or weigh problems ). We hope that the dance teachers everywhere in the world explain to their students that the dancer's job is not a hobby... . There is a pyramidal system in all the artistic jobs : a lot of people but a few winners !

Does one have to attend all the various classes provided at Rudra?
Yes.  All the classes are mandatory.  Attendance is checked daily.

Are there any theory lessons?
No.  If students wish to pursue academic studies, they can do so by correspondence.  This method has proved successful with a number of students.

What are the school fees?
Tuition is free. Students are not charged for classes or for the costs connected with the school shows.

Do the students have to wear special dance clothes during the classes ?
Yes, there are classical and modern leotards and unitards, especially made for our school.

How much, on average, does a student need per month?
Between 1,000 and 1,500 CHF (€750 - €1,200). This includes accommodation, food, insurance, and dancewear (shoes and leotards).

What kind of accommodation is available?
Student accommodation is rented privately.  Depending on the student’s preferences, it can be a room, a one-room apartment, a students’ residence, a host family, or an apartment to share.

As Switzerland is not in the EU, are there any formalities connected with living there?
After the audition, each successful candidate is given an information pack containing all the necessary information about moving to and living in Lausanne.  It will be necessary, amongst other things, to obtain a Swiss student resident permit.

Are there any study grants available?
As tuition is free – students enjoy the unique privilege of obtaining professional training free of charge - there are no grounds for a grant. However, in cases of severe financial hardship, students can get help from some Swiss private foundations, whose details we will supply. Applications are made by the individual students.

How does the Rudra School finance itself?
As the school does not collect any tuition fees from the students, it relies on private finance to cover running costs.  We are sponsored by a number of Swiss private foundations :
"Loterie Romande", "La Fondation de famille Sandoz", "La Fondation Leenaards" et la" Fondation Béjart Ballet Lausanne".

Who is in charge of the students, especially the minors, on a daily basis?
Students are occupied at school from 8am to approximately 8pm, six days a week and are not, therefore, left to their own resources. Meals can be taken at the Béjart Ballet canteen. Should any kind of problem arise, students can ask to see Michel Gascard or a member of his team any time.
In the case of illness or an accident, we have arrangements with a department specialising in the treatment of adolescents at the Lausanne University Hospital, and with a doctor specialising in dance injuries. Our students will always get emergency treatment, if necessary. Parents are always informed in the case of a major problem.

Are there any exams?
We send out reports with assessments of students’ class work in all disciplines, and their presentation results
( for all the students, underage or not ).

Do students get a diploma?
No.  Dance companies do not select dancers on the basis of diplomas.  To apply for a job you have to audition at the company of your choice and take part in classes and rehearsals. Dance-company directors select their dancers each year.

Are there any sanctions?  Can a student be expelled from Rudra?        
Yes.  At the beginning of the course, students and parents are asked to sign a copy of the School’s rules and regulations.  These are applied strictly.  In the case of a breach, the student will receive a warning; a third warning will lead to dismissal from the school. Here again, parents will be informed immediately, whether the student is a minor or not.

Do you organize any masterclasses during the vacation's periods ?
No. The school year in Rudra school is for 11 month. Le last month is a vacation's period for all the students and the teachers. Our school is closed in august.