We performed in Beijing - China in 2013 & 2018.



3 of our second year students took part in the anniversary's show at the Parkview Green in Beijing - China: an amazing hotel, modern art museum and luxurious shopping mall.
They danced Maurice Bejart and Valerie Lacaze's choreographies with 4 other professional dancers who did their studies at the Rudra Bejart's School these last 2 years.





















A two weeks masterclasses with the chinese teachers and students of the National Dance Academy of Beijing and
two performances at the Tianqiao Theater.

Thank you to Mister Pierre Landolt, Miss Feng, director of the National Ballet of China, the swiss ambassy in Beijing and the sponsors :




Saturday 9th/ Sunday 10th - November 2013


So tired but so happy !

After a15 hours flight with the Swiss Airline's cie, the students and teachers arrive at the hotel at 7:00 AM.
First chinese breakfast and day off.

The first day at the National Dance Academy will be on Monday.




November 11th and 12th - 2013


First chinese breakfast at 6:00 AM and departure at 6:30 every morning to the National Dance Academy.



Our dayly shedule :

8:00-9:30 : ballet classes for the 2' years students ( boys and girls separated ) taught by the chinese teachers of the Academy.
9:50-11:20 : ballet classes for the 1st year students ( boys and girls separated ) taught by the chinese teachers of the Academy.
11:30 Lunch break
14:30-16:30 : Girls = Traditional chinese dance " Xin Jiang" with Miss Huang
Boys = Traditional chinese dance " Xin Jiang" with Mister Zhao, director of the National Ballet Academy of Dance.
16:20-17:50 : Girls = Ballet chinese dance class with Miss Wang
Boys = Ballet chinese dance class with Mister Ou
Bus to the hotel

Every day, Mister Michel Gascard, Tancredo Tavares et Jean-Bruno Meier teach classes to the chinese students of the Academy.

The musicians Anne Vadagnin and Thierry Hochstaetter ( piano and percussions ) play for the modern classes.
The direction of the Academy ask Miss Vadagnin to teach a special class for the Academy's pianists.

On November 12th, we did a modern dance presentation ( Martha Graham's technic ).
Our teacher Tancredo Tavares proposes a special work danced by the second years students ( music in live played by Anne Vadagnin and Thierry Hochstaetter ).


Our students and teachers eating at the Beijing Dance Academy's canteen.

    Jetlag .. half of the students are sleeping after lunch !!!

Our chinese bus ...



The first classes with the chinese teachers and students at the
National Academy of Dance in Beijing :


The ballet classes


The ballet classes with our second years students


The chinese classical Dance


The Xijiang dance ( Ouïgour traditional dance )




  Mister Michel Gascard and the directors of the Dance Ministry and the Beijing Dance Academy.

We dance a special presentation at the end of the masterclasses in front of the Academy's direction.
Our students dance with their chinese teachers the different technics they learned during the masterclasses.
Tancredo Tavares and Jean-Bruno Meier present their works with their chinese students.


November 16th : rehearsal in the National Ballet of China's studios to prepare our next performances.
November 17th : We visit the Forbidden City and have a shopping afternoon !

At night, Mister Gascard offers a wonderfull performance at the Beijing Opera.


November 24th, 25th and 26th - 2013

After these wonderfull masterclasses at the Academy, we are working at the National Dance Theater of Beijing.
One ballet class every morning and rehearsals all the day.


Michelle and Simone in front of our performance's poster at the theater's entrance.



The entrance of the Tianqiao Theater.



Miss Feng, director of the National Ballet of China, watches all our rehearsals.

The two performances are booked ! the theater's direction decides to open the dress rehearsal to the public.


Two boys hurt themself few hours before the first performance ... we moove the dress rehearsal and work hard to prepare the second and third castings.
By chance, the two dancers follow a special teatment with the chinese doctor of the National Company. They will dance the day after ... massages and accupuncture ...








All the Rudra's team with Miss Feng, director of the National Ballet of China.


We performed front of 4'000 people !
Miss Feng explains us that the audience was particularly enthusiastic.

At the end of the performances, the chinese authorities offer a lot of present to the students and teachers : tee-shirts, books, merchandising of the National Ballet.


Other extracts on Youtube :

"La bohème, le poète et sa muse"
"The poet and the death"


LINK to discover more pictures and videos of "Qualia or the artist's life" !

Choreography by Valérie Lacaze




At the end of the last performance, we all book our staff because the flighcases leave immediatly to the airport.
The theater offers a cocktail on the third floor with the VIP guest and the ambassadors who can speak their own langages with our international students.
23:30 we have our last chinese diner all together.




We leave the restaurant at 01:45 AM, just time to come back to the hotel, to prepare the suicases and to take to bus at 03:00 to the airport. Our fllight is at 6:45.
15 hours after, we all arrive in Lausanne-Switzerland with a so many memories ! and probably more maturity, profesional experience. What a fabulous adventure !!!