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The Béjart Ballet Foundation

The Fondation Béjart Ballet Lausanne is a private foundation : President Miss Solange PETERS. 

It comprises two entities: the Béjart Ballet Lausanne dance company created in 1987, and the Rudra Béjart School created in 1992. 

The dance company and the school both took up residence in the same building in chemin du Presbytère n°12 in Lausanne, and share the studios, the dressing rooms and the cafeteria.
Since Maurice Béjart’s death on 22 November 2007, Gil Roman directs the Béjart Ballet Lausanne dance company, and Michel Gascard directs the Rudra Béjart School.


Half of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne dance company are former students of the Rudra Béjart School

Julien FAVREAU, Alanna Archibald, Gabriel Arenas-Ruiz, ... .

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